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17 Beauty Products Tera Peterson Swears By

Here’s why I’m grateful: If Peterson hadn’t had a mom with a really cool job who allowed her to travel to Los Angeles and experience the magic of skincare, she might not have not been to beautician school and co-founded Nuface. And where would that leave us? I had my first Nuface Trinity Starter Kit ($339), I don’t know, six years ago, and now I have the nubody ($399) as well, so I can attest to the lifting and sculpting magic of these two tools. In fact, I don’t know what I would do without them.

And Peterson is on the same page. She uses her Nuface complete trinity ($525) “to look toned, lifted, and sculpted every day,” and she truly believes beauty tech is the future of skincare. “We are seeing more and more customers requesting home technology because their topical care is no longer enough.” But don’t worry, if you haven’t ventured into skincare technology yet, you can still achieve glowing skin. Peterson loves going to the Korean spa for a full body exfoliation. “Anyone who’s been there knows it takes courage, but you come away with baby-soft skin.” If that’s not your thing, just drink plenty of water every day. “When you’re hydrated at the cellular level, it shows in the overall appearance of your skin. Hydration combined with good nutrition and exercise will give you healthy, glowing skin from the inside out,” says Peterson. Curious to see what other glow-inducing secrets she has up her sleeve? Keep scrolling for 17 of her beauty and skincare must-haves to make you feel like yourself.