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70% of dangerous cosmetic products: ministry


The Ministry of Health has determined that 70% of cosmetic products, including mosquito repellents and disinfectants, are dangerous and against the law.


Under the inspections conducted by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK) in the first nine months, 70% of products such as hand sanitizer, fly swatter, also known as biocidal products, and other cosmetic products were not in compliance with regulatory requirements.

The TİTCK imposed an administrative fine of 2.6 million Turkish liras ($140.00) on companies selling these products, which pose a danger to public health.

According to data released by quarterly periods, authorities inspected more products compared to previous periods, while the rate of non-compliance with legislation also increased.

Some 40 out of 73 biocidal products were found to contain inappropriate substances, while the agency estimated that 758 out of 1,050 cosmetic products did not fully meet the requirements.

The total amount of administrative fines for the biocidal products was over 1 million lira ($54,000), while companies that produced and researched the cosmetics were fined nearly 1.5 million lira ( $81,000).

After being included in the category of dangerous goods under the Cosmetics Act, 13,673 perfumes and deodorants which were counterfeit, smuggled or imitation versions and whose manufacturers could not be detected were destroyed.


TİTCK noted that one of the most effective solutions to the presence of a huge amount of unsafe products in the market is consumer complaints.

According to the TİTCK 2023 Risk Review Plan, the first measures and measures to be taken are to increase the competence of the personnel of the provincial health directorates who participate in the inspections and to eliminate the insufficient staff.

Reducing the length of the product testing process, which is often prolonged due to difficulties in the supply of laboratory animals, was another decision aimed at preventing the production of dangerous products.

The ministry will also gain market dominance that could not be established due to low awareness among experts and consumers to report unexpected side effects of these types of products.

Last year, a fine of approximately 3.7 million lira ($200.00) was imposed for 125 of the 154 biocidal products inspected, while a fine of more than 15 million lira was imposed for 975 of 1,392 cosmetic products.


The number of perfumes and deodorants destroyed due to their hazardous content was 24,716.

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