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A mother-daughter duo’s quest to promote clean beauty | Cultural characteristics | Fold | The Weekly Source

MAndy Butera and daughter Carly Olinger are the mother-daughter duo behind Bend-based clean beauty company Wren and Wild. Their company takes customer service to the next level, matching customers with products that match their lifestyle and values. Wren and Wild has over 70 clean beauty products, and they research them all so customers don’t have to. All Wren and Wild products have been personally tested and tried by company owners. The brands they sell are also cruelty-free and continually work towards sustainability practices. We had a conversation for our edition of Earth Day.

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  • Courtesy of Wren and Wild website
  • Mom and daughter Mandy Butera and Carly Olinger are taking on the clean beauty industry.

Weekly Source: Tell us a bit about Wren and Wild.

Mandy Buter: Hi! We are Mandy and Carly, a mother-daughter duo passionate about raising industry standards with clean beauty that works. When you choose products that are as effective as they are healthy, you are choosing yourself and the planet. Think of us as your own personalized beauty boutique meets best friend and biggest fan. We test, research and ensure that every product is safe, effective and nourishing so it works hard for you: every season, every time.

SW: Why should anyone switch to clean beauty?

MB: There are so many amazing brands now producing beautiful cruelty-free skincare and makeup products without the toxic ingredients found in conventional beauty brands. The best part of shopping at our store is that we have researched and built relationships with our brand designers. We know exactly what’s in every product we offer and have personally tried every single one. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to worry.

SW: How’s it feel to own this business with your daughter?

MB: It’s a dream come true. Every day, I can communicate with my daughter and work alongside her as we plan new initiatives for our clients. We both love what we do so much that we don’t really feel like we’re working. rather, it’s about living a wellness lifestyle together and bringing that experience to our clientele.

SW: How did you get interested in clean beauty?

MB: Well, it’s a long story with a lot of history. Long story short, I was (Mandy) an account manager for a big cosmetics company and Carly, my daughter, grew up in that world. Along the way, we used to plot all kinds of entrepreneurial ideas; we’ve had some pretty hilarious ones and we still have some more on the back burner. At the start of COVID, however, Carly’s business in Texas really struggled to survive due to shutdowns. So we made the decision to really invest in our family by hiring family members to help weather the storm. Carly joined us to manage all of our social media and e-commerce backend.

SW: What are some of your favorite products?
MB: This is always a great question because we have so many. My favorite products are Vintner’s Daughter essence and serum. Carly’s favorites are Westman Atelier Bronzer and Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40.

SW: How does it feel to be able to provide the community with these clean products that they can really trust?

MB: It’s like a gift to be able to share our love of clean beauty with our community. Our manufacturers are constantly finding new ways to be environmentally friendly while providing highly effective skin care and makeup. We are also delighted to share that we are members of Pact Collective, a non-profit organization that collects hard-to-recycle beauty packaging so that it (or parts of it) can be diverted from landfills and put to their best use. We collect these hard-to-recycle items in our store while rewarding our customers for their participation.

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