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Amid War, Map Highlights Ukraine’s Heroism

Ukrainian War: A Ukrainian soldier examines a destroyed Russian military vehicle in Kharkiv. (AFP)

Russia launched a full-scale offensive against its smaller neighbor Ukraine last week. His forces filled the skies of Ukraine with missiles, and warships bombarded bases in coastal areas. Ukrainian airbases were also destroyed, and tanks, accompanied by infantry, entered its cities.

But as the Russians advanced, the resistance grew stronger. Stories of Ukrainian soldiers making brave last fights emerged and were widely shared on social media. One such story mentioned how a soldier blew himself up on a bridge to prevent Russian tanks from advancing. Another mentioned how Ukrainian border guards defending a Black Sea island told a Russian warship to fuck off. They were hailed as heroes.

Ukraine’s official Twitter account has now shared a thread, highlighting the country’s tough fight against overwhelming odds. The first tweet shows the map of the two countries to show the difference between their sizes. It was captioned “Realize the magnitude of Ukrainian heroism”.

A later tweet in the thread read, “Don’t be afraid to oppose evil, no matter how mighty it seems at dawn, the flag will always be there.”

Several videos have appeared on social media in which Ukrainians are seen confronting Russian soldiers and former beauty queens picking up weapons to protect their country. Then there is the story of a brave civilian trying to block an entire Russian convoy and another who removed a landmine with his bare hands.

Russian forces are now focusing their attack on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city. By launching war against Ukraine, Moscow defied global pressure which saw a war crimes investigation opened against Moscow, sanctions wrecked its economy and FIFA banned it from the World Cup.

Negotiators from the two countries met on Monday for the first time since the start of the war. The talks failed to achieve a breakthrough, the only point the two sides agreed on is to hold another round of talks soon.

Russian President Vladimir Putin previously outlined Moscow’s demands to end the invasion, including recognizing Russian sovereignty over Crimea and demilitarizing Ukraine.

Instead, the world reacted with an intensification of diplomatic, economic, cultural and sporting reactions, with Moscow coming under fire from criticism from the United Nations General Assembly and the International Criminal Court (ICC) opening an investigation into war crimes.