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Author Delia Falconer in conversation with Caz Heise at the Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival – News Of The Area

Delia Falconer with her new novel, ‘Signs & Wonders: Dispatches from a Time of Beauty and Loss’.

BELLINGEN Readers & Writers Festival will feature a conversation between author Delia Falconer and Carolyn ‘Caz’ Heise who will lead the discussion around Delia’s latest book, ‘Signs & Wonders: Dispatches from a Time of Beauty and Loss’.

“My new book ‘Signs and Wonders’ is about the feeling of living in an unfolding planetary climate crisis,” Delia told News Of The Area.

“It’s a book about living with a heightened awareness of beauty and loss and how we try to stretch our imaginations to accommodate both.”

One of his goals in this book was to examine how scientists, philosophers, and writers have responded to a present that is becoming increasingly strange and unpredictable.

“But it felt important to me to bring these huge ideas down to a personal, human scale and explore them as a mother and nature lover.

“So readers will find essays on the 200-kilogram Sealvester seal that appeared in the park below our flat and whether that was a sign of improved harborage or something deeply out of whack, and about feeding birds with my late mother and how birds think about deep time.

“I’ll be talking about this new book in one sitting, and with the adaptation philosophers Danielle Celermajer and Tim Dean.

“I also speak in panels on magical realism in Australian fiction, which will make me think back to my first novel ‘The Cloud Service’, and historical novels, in which I will talk about this first book, which is set in the Blue Mountains of NSW at the turn of the last century, and my second, “The Lost Thoughts of Soldiers”, set during the Plains Indian Wars in America.

“I am delighted to come to Bellingen.

“It’s such a beautiful part of the world and it’s been many years since I last visited,” she said.

Delia Falconer is the award-winning author of four books.

His short stories and essays have been widely awarded and anthologized, while his novels, “The Service of the Clouds”,

‘The Lost Thoughts of Soldiers’ and his memoir, ‘Sydney’, were shortlisted for national awards in the categories of fiction, non-fiction, innovation, history and biography; including the Miles Franklin, Prime Minister’s Literary Awards and National Biography Awards.

In 2018, she won the Walkley-Pascall Prize for Art Critics for her essay “The Opposite of Glamour”.
This marked a shift in his work towards writing about the profound challenges we all face – human and non-human – in a present of accelerating global change.

Her fourth book, “Signs and Wonders: Dispatches from a Time of Beauty and Loss”, is published by Scribner Australia.

Dr. Delia Falconer is a senior lecturer in creative writing in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS.

Coffs Harbor Book Warehouse continues its relationship with the Festival as official bookseller.

The Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival takes place at the Bellingen Showground from June 10-12.

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Novelist Delia Falconer will talk about her new book, “Signs & Wonders: Dispatches from a Time of Beauty and Loss”, in an interview with Carolyn Heise at the Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival.