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Beauty industry faces business closures, fashion association warns

Beauty service providers are facing further loss of revenue and will miss a crucial period that cannot be recovered during the summer months, the Fashion Association Malta has warned.

The group expressed its disappointment in a statement issued following the Prime Minister’s press conference on Wednesday, announcing the easing of some COVID-19 measures over the coming weeks.

While schools are due to begin a staggered return to physical school on Monday, the reopening of non-essential shops and services is due to open in three weeks on April 26, while bars and restaurants remained in the dark.

“The association disapproves of the decision taken by the authorities to maintain the closure of hairdressers, beauticians and nail technicians until April 26, while these businesses are constrained by strict measures which they have followed to the letter”, have– they stated.

“This is because these companies are part of an industry that strictly follows absolute hygiene protocols,” the association said, adding that these companies have never been linked to the spread of the virus.

He added that the ongoing closure of these businesses is interfering with crucial revenue months as some services cannot be provided during the summer.

These sectors, he said, only received a salary supplement, unlike other sectors which received funds to cover other costs. “This additional salary was actually only used to pay the rent for these companies.”

The FAM blasted health authorities for “making decisions without consultation” and warned that such decisions could lead to job losses and business closures.

“The fashion industry is supportive of any decision taken to stop the pandemic, but the authorities must be open to consultation, especially in an industry in which they have no experience, because we could have achieved the same objectives. without any loss of employment.” It said.

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