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Best Hero Cosmetics To Buy In 2022 – Reviews

Ju Rhyu launched Hero Cosmetics in 2017 with the goal of sharing her acne secrets with the world. Rhyu had struggled with acne her entire teenage and adult life, turning to everything from dermatological solutions like cortisone shots to homemade toothpaste remedies for relief. Nothing worked. It wasn’t until she moved to Korea after college that she discovered a solution: hydrocolloid pimple patches, which weren’t yet available in the United States.

“I loved having immediate feedback because that was something I didn’t always get with traditional acne products,” Rhyu previously said. Charm. “You put it on, then it takes days, then it dries. But with the patches, I loved being able to see the gunk on the patch and then immediately the pimple area was flattened. For me it was the best thing since sliced ​​bread. I felt like I discovered this amazing product that really worked, had the visual cue, and also kept me from touching and picking. I wanted to share that kind of secret with people, something that had worked so well for me, I wanted other people to know.

Inspired by Korean anti-acne patches, the brand launched its own Mighty Patch, which has since become cult. Now the brand is stocked at Ulta, Target, and Amazon, and offers a full line of acne-friendly products, like the Charm A Beauty Award-winning sheer SPF sunscreen, dark spot brightening wand, and jelly cleanser. The products are gentle yet effective and completely affordable, all costing less than $20.

Given the low price and focus on acne, the brand has a ton of buzz, and we often get asked about the strengths. We tried everything from Hero Cosmetics and reduced the Charm editor’s favorites. Read on for our honest reviews.

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