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‘Bling Empire’ Star Kane Lim Teases Pinoy Fans With Heart Evangelista IG Story

From left to right: Heart Evangelista, Kane Lim, Kelly Mi Li. (Heart Evangelist/Instagram)

Netflix Reality TV »empire bling” star Kane Lim shouted out to Filipinos announcing the upcoming arrival of the third season of the series on the streaming platform.

Third season episodes will fall October 5 at 12 p.m. PT or 3 p.m. Manila time.

Kane shared an Instagram reel where he was with another ‘Bling Empire’ star Kelly Mi Li and Filipina socialite actress evangelist heart.

“Philippines, you asked for it, you got it!!! Guess who will be [in] Bling Empire S3. Meeting tonight !!!! @iamhearte LET’S GO,” he wrote, tagging Heart and adding Filipino flag emojis and a kissing face.

Kane Lim_IG
(Screenshot by Interaksyon from Instagram/kanelk_k)

The original reel, meanwhile, bore this caption:

“Heart Evangelista, are you ready? @iamhearte (Philippine flag emojis) You embody what [the] The Philippines means to me. A country of heart and kindness. A real beauty inside and out. Perfection!!!”

Heart has long been speculated to join the reality show showcasing the lives of wealthy Asian Americans in Los Angeles.

In December 2021, she was spotted with Kane and Kelly when she traveled to the City of Angels.

When the second season of “Bling Empire” dropped last May, some Filipinos were disappointed that Heart was not part of the eight-episode arc.

A month later, Kane revealed that she had “[shot] certain things” with them.

“Actually, we… we shoot a lot, don’t we?” She was very nice to come up and shoot some things with us, something small. Whether it makes it to the final edit really depends,” he said. last June.

“But I was very grateful that she took [some] it’s time to fly to LA to be [a] part of it, but if it does [or not]I am so grateful for his help,” Kane added.