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Christie Brinkley’s ‘Hero’ product for youthful-looking eyes at 68

  • Christie Brinkley shared the product she swears about for a youthful look instagram.
  • She loves it SBLA Eye Lift Wand to lift the eyes and reduce puffiness.
  • “It’s a true flagship that you’ll want in your artillery.”

Nobody does skincare like Christie Brinkley. At 68, the former supermodel is known for her glowing youthful complexion, leaving us all waiting for her to reveal her beauty secrets. Thankfully, Brinkley took to Instagram earlier this week to post some “eye-opening news.” The actress revealed the star product she loves for smooth, enhanced eyes: the new product from SBLA eye lift wand.

Credit: SBLA

It’s clear that it’s not ordinary eye contour cream, as Brinkley considers the wand (which dispenses a serum) “the first of its kind”. The eye wand, featuring innovative technology and nourishing ingredients, is worth its hefty price tag, according to the star. The design features a steel roller, which Brinkley says “feels so good when you put it on.” Roll-on applicator glides over skin to evenly distribute the “perfect dose” of eye serum over entire eye area, including upper lids, brow bone, under eyes and crow’s feet .

It’s not just the applicator that makes the eye lift wand a must-have for Brinkley, though. The eye serum it dispenses is loaded with nourishing and hydrating ingredients, which together provide several benefits. Included in the range is lightening vitamin Cplumping hyaluronic acidfirming niacinamideand caffeine which reduces inflammation.

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But the real secret to what makes this serum a game changer is a “breakthrough molecule,” as Brinkley calls it. The molecule in question? SBLA66, a powerful peptide that works to lift and smooth the skin around the eyes. The ingredient “just does its magic around your eye,” raves Brinkley.

And with the long list of advantages, the eye lift wand provides, it’s no wonder Brinkley can’t say enough good things about it. With its abundance of powerful ingredients, the serum not only lifts and smoothes eyes, but also diminishes puffiness and the appearance of crow’s feet, evens skin texture and improves discoloration, and helps build collagen and repair the damage.

“Eye-opening” is an understatement if you ask us. Buy it SBLA Eye Lift Wand or browse more of Brinkley’s must-have beauty products below. She hasn’t cheated on us yet.

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