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Daily horoscope: October 09, 2022 | vogue india

See what the stars have in store for your sign

There are so many ways to experience divinity, Aquarius. Oh-so many ways to commune with the mysterious forces above and below. But, no scripture or sacred text in the world can take you where you yearn to go. Although the words of those who have walked the path before can provide you with a road map, you will still have to discover the details for yourself. Aries, the scales of justice have been placed in your hands for a reason. The Full Moon in your signs inspires you to do what is right for the underdog and for yourself despite resistance. But life is meant to be lived, Gemini. Life is meant to be celebrated in all its shades and colors. So get out of your funk, will you? Integrate the soul lessons you need, but don’t focus too much on “doing the work.” It is time to step through the portal of transformation and awaken to your inherent power.

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