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DC Area Forecast: Mostly Splendid This Weekend Ahead of a Wet Start to the Week

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A somewhat subjective rating of today’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

9/10: I wanted to go to 10 but a little nervous about the potential for increased clouds late in the day.

  • Today: Quite sunny. Treble: Close to 80 to low 80s.
  • This evening: Evening watering? Partly cloudy. Bass: upper 50s to mid 60s.
  • Tomorrow: Partly cloudy. Showers or thunderstorms at the end of the day? Highs: Close to 80.

We flirt with the coming season until the weekend. Beyond, really. But the weekend is where it is when it comes to good weather. No complaints allowed today or tomorrow. On Monday and Tuesday, the combination of widespread raindrops and cool temperatures might get a little too much for those still savoring summer.

Today (Saturday): It’s a beautiful morning and a great day overall. Dew points should dip well into the 40s, which is pretty dry for the time of year. Temperatures are working their way into the low 80s for highs in most places. The winds are light from the north. Confidence: medium-high

This evening: Increased cloudiness in the evening might give a pinch or two. Lows could be a little milder than last night, or mostly in the upper 50s to mid-60s. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow Sunday): More clouds than today, but also good sunshine. There appears to be an increased risk of showers or storms late in the day compared to previous forecasts. Highs are near 80. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow evening: Additional waves of showers or a storm are possible overnight. Not all the time, but here and there. Bass goes into the 60s. Confidence: Medium

We start the week with a low pressure area cut off from the main jet stream. That means it could hang around for a while and mess with our forecast. Monday and Tuesday seem damp at best, and most likely on the cool side considering the humidity. We’re talking maybe low to mid 70s for highs on both days as waves of showers and storms roll in. There could be a flooding issue with this event, which we will surely look into more as we get closer to it. Confidence: medium