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In the fast-paced beauty industry that is always on the lookout for the next big trend or “it” ingredient, few things have the longevity and legendary status of SK-II’s signature ingredient, PITERA™.

You may have heard a lot about the much-hyped PITERA™, but what exactly is it?

A skincare elixir naturally derived from a proprietary yeast fermentation process, PITERA™ is found in every SK-II product because it has proven to be the key to crystal clear skinan astonishing power demonstrated by the brand with a new campaign entitled Late night portraits.

The ingredient’s blockbuster status as a cornerstone of SK-II was also highlighted during World PITERA™ DaySK-II’s first-ever large-scale global event dedicated to PITERA™, held in Tokyo, Japan on 13e July and streamed virtually worldwide.

Featuring the celebrity ambassadors of SK-II, World PITERA™ Day took us on an immersive journey detailing the story of the iconic ingredient, from its origins to discoveries about its properties and the multitude of benefits it offers for skin care.

Late Night Portraits: Asia’s Biggest Celebrities Put PITERA™ in the Boldest Stress Test Yet

Would you dare to undress in front of the camera? To accentuate these incredible properties of PITERA™, SK-II Late night portraits the campaign features stunning photography of brand ambassadors like Mine by K-Pop group Twice, Japanese actresses Ayaka Miyoshi and Kaori Momoi, and Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe.

Taken late at night, the striking photographic portraits depict these celebrities bare-faced without makeup, their faces primed with nothing but PITERA™. As they get closer to the camera, we get an intimate look at authentic, effortless beauty that’s largely invisible in the beauty world today. Clear, radiant and shameless themselves, Late night portraits reminds us that with SK-II, what you see is what you get.

So how did this captivating project come about? Late night portraits was inspired by SK-II’s 24/7 Skin Fluctuation Study, a research program that studies changes in young women’s daily skin conditions.

Conducted around the clock for more than six weeks, the study found that conditions such as texture, pores, redness, dullness, hydration and barrier function can vary dramatically over the course of a day. , skin looking at its worst late at night. And as we all know in our own lives, if allowed to build up, these daily skin fluctuations accelerate the onset of visible skin problems.

Enter PITERA™ and its skin transforming powers. With its unique composition resembling the skin’s natural moisturizing factors, it can be absorbed quickly and deeply into the skin, where its many micronutrients can work their balancing and soothing magic. In fact, the study has shown that regular use of PITERA™ and a bottle of PITERA™ essence significantly stabilizes skin fluctuations, enabling transformation into crystal-clear skin.

Origins of the PITERA™ miracle

Let’s start where it all began. The story of PITERA™ began in the 1970s with a team of scientists, a search for a breakthrough ingredient that can bring about beautiful skin and aged Japanese sake brewers.

During their research, scientists noticed that the hands of sake brewers remained extraordinarily soft and youthful despite their age and wrinkled faces. After devoting 10 years to studying this phenomenon, they finally isolated the only strain of yeast out of 350 that created healthy, smooth and luminous skin.

Using a natural yeast fermentation process exclusive to SK-II, PITERA™ was borna skin care wonder containing over 50 micronutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids, which cannot be obtained artificially or synthetically.

In 1980, the brand launched its first offer with this revolutionary ingredientPITERA™ Essence. Containing over 90% PITERA™, it has been dubbed “Miracle Water” by millions of women around the world. A bottle is purchased every three seconds around the world, and it remains the brand’s flagship product and the most awarded best-seller in the world.

Skin Care Essence SK-II
An icon, and for good reason, SK-II’s award-winning facial treatment essence features its exclusive skin-transforming ingredient, PITERA™

Courtesy of SK-II

To this day, there is only one place in the world where the alchemy behind PITERA™ happens: SK-II’s dedicated manufacturing facility in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Located near pristine Lake Biwa, the SK-II Shiga factory has been manufacturing PITERA™ products for over 40 years, making it the beating heart of the brand.

PITERA™: A springboard for skin discoveries and innovations

PITERA™ has remained largely unchanged over the decades. But like a gift that keeps on giving, it continues to spark new scientific discoveries about how our skin works and its role in achieving beautiful, youthful looking skin.

Through extensive research in partnership with the world’s leading scientists and dermatologists, SK-II has discovered, for example, that young Asian skin loses its elasticity and firmness faster between the ages of 10 and 40 than from the age of 40. year. And that this loss of firmness triggers other signs of early skin aging like redness, rough texture, enlarged pores, fine lines and sagging.

This led to the formulation of SK-II SKINPOWER, a multi-dimensional firming range powered by PITERA™. In addition to offering a lifting effect, SKINPOWER treats sagging skin holistically by smoothing and refining the texture and strengthening the skin barrier.

The brand is also an industry leader in skin lightening research, unearthing factors other than excessive pigmentation that have led to a dull complexion, such as inflammation and diffuse melanin. Last year, SK-II scientists unveiled a world-first discovery: sleep-deprived skin experiences oxidative stress and produces bilirubin, a compound that causes a yellowish dullness on the surface. One night’s lack of sleep can mean a sallow complexion for five days.

More than just a marvel, PITERA™’s ability to counteract skin dulling factors has also been incorporated into SK-II’s GenOptics Aura technology. The result is the award-winning GenOptics Aura Essence, a highly award-winning brightening serum affectionately known as “Little Light Bulb”.

Start your journey to crystal clear skin with SK-II and PITERA™

Allow the world to see your skin Natural is a bold move for any well-known personality. But it also speaks to these celebrities’ wholehearted endorsement of PITERA™ and their belief in the ingredient’s transformative effects.

For the many women struggling with issues such as dull skin, loss of firmness, rough texture, large pores, dryness and fine lines, the portraits clearly show that PITERA™ might just be the beauty care miracle. skin that delivers the healthy, radiant and gorgeous skin they want. After all, there’s a reason the ingredient has barely changed in over 40 years, why it’s a global hit, why so many women swear by it, and why it has the cachet it does. . In short, because it works.

Pitera SK-II Power Kit
SK-II’s PITERA™ Power Kit with Greatest Hits is a great introduction to Crystal Clear Skin

Courtesy of SK-II

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