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Edgewell Personal Care aims to woo modern explorers with Gen-Z Fieldtrip brand

Beauty conglomerates are looking to update their brand portfolios to appeal to Gen Z.

Edgewell Personal Care, home to men’s skincare brands Jack Black and Bulldog, launched a new genderless skincare brand called Fieldtrip on June 6. It includes seven products, including a face spray, eye gel, and lip mask, which retail for less than $25. Fieldtrip is designed around the concept of a modern explorer, with latitude and longitude references on the packaging indicating where key ingredients come from as well as map imagery. The brand’s first retail partner is Nordstrom, where it’s sold online and will expand in-store in August. Fieldtrip is also available through its DTC e-commerce site.

Jack Black’s team has been working on Fieldtrip for 2.5 years. Initially, the plan was to develop a brand for young men. But the team discovered through surveys and focus groups that two-thirds of men aged 16 to 24 are interested in genderless beauty products and have therefore chosen to expand the brand guideline. Fieldtrip will continue to be operated by the Jack Black team. Gabrielle DeLatin, head of marketing for Fieldtrip, said the company expects to earn about $4 million in retail sales in its first 12 months.

“[Edgewell] wants to continue investing in brands with a strong vision,” DeLatin said. “[It wants] brands that know what they want to do and can move into a disruptive type model, where they can be nimble and digital-first while having strong physical distribution.

According to the latest from Edgewell, second quarter earnings call in May, its men’s skincare organic net sales increased nearly 6% globally and more than 8% in North America, year-over-year. These sales were led by Jack Black and Cremo, which Edgewell acquired in August 2020. Edgewell then acquired millennial women’s shaving brand Billie in November 2021.

Edgewell is certainly neither the first nor the last conglomerate to incubate a standalone Gen-Z brand. In early June, Shiseido launched Sidekick, a new skincare brand for Gen Z men. And Unilever and P&G incubated Gen Z-focused haircare brands dubbed Emerge and Nou, which launched in January 2020 and August 2021, respectively. Gender-neutral terminology and brands have also taken hold in beauty and fashion, in response to changing customer values. According Pew Research CenterGen Zers are much more likely than older generations to say they know someone who prefers to use neutral pronouns, with 35% saying so, compared to 25% of Millennials.

Taylor Hooker, marketing communications manager at Fieldtrip, said the brand targets three types of consumers. The first is the skincare enthusiast who loves skincare, followed by travel enthusiasts, who are interested in experiences, and finally, people who are interested in sustainability and care about provenance. ingredients. To adhere to its gender-neutral ethos, the brand’s social assets are split equally between men and women, its packaging colors are kept in earth and jewel tones, and its products, like the “Anywhere Shave Lotion”, are agnostic in their naming.

“We wanted to make sure that everything we put into the universe [states that] we are a skincare brand for all people and all skin types,” Hooker said. “We’re going to start segmenting a bit as the brand grows, but this is a brand where anyone can come in and access trending formats with luxury formulas and experience head wellness. at the feet.”

At launch, between June and September, Fieldtrip enlisted 20 paid micro-influencers to share the announcement and direct people to the brand’s DTC e-commerce skincare quiz. Digitally, Fieldtrip has invested in display ads and programmatic ads. The brand also provided 500 packs of five products to Influenster to collect early product reviews. He placed 280,000 lip mask samples through Ipsy.

“We want this to become a skincare brand that has legs to live and grow with. [Gen-Z] consumers so that we are constantly capturing a new group of individuals who are getting into skincare,” DeLatin said.