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PLANO, TX, September 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — European Wax Center (NASDAQ:EWCZ), the largest franchisor and operator of out-of-home waxing services in United States, continues to redefine excellence. As wax experts, European Wax Center partners with beauty tool experts, Tweezerman, to add even more credibility to their professionally designed wax services. To provide our customers with the most accurate center results, European Wax Center will now use best in class tools in the suite as the final step in their first class professional waxing experience.

Renowned for their highly trained wax specialists, European Wax Center has created a 4-step process to ensure the most comfortable and luxurious waxing experience. Their exclusive comfort wax® is an alcohol-free purple hard wax specially designed to make waxing more comfortable by adhering only to the hair and not to the skin. European Wax Center is proud to elevate and amplify its customers’ waxing experience by partnering with beauty tool experts, Tweezerman. Offering customers the most precise results, wax specialists will now have the Tweezerman Slant and Point tweezers in their suite to ensure they are able to remove every last hair with precision and accuracy.

“We are thrilled to work with the 40+ year beauty tool experts, Tweezerman, and the opportunity it provides to continue to improve the industry-leading services we provide. European Wax Center works hard to constantly improve our customers’ hair removal experience and build on the services our certified experts provide. By partnering with Tweezerman, we will bring their years of experience and expertise to complement our services, enabling us to provide customers with the results the most accurate said Chris KobusChief Experience Officer of the European Wax Center.

“European Wax Center will be a strategic partner in 2022 and plans for 2023” Jürgen Bosse, President and CEO of Tweezerman International. “We see a strong synergy between the two brands, as Tweezerman has a substantial heritage and connection to the professional beauty space.”

European Wax Center has always used tweezers as the finishing touch after waxing to remove stray hairs. The addition of Tweezerman tools will improve the customer experience in the suite, ensuring even more quality through ultra-precise results. Particularly in brow services, wax specialists will use the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer Classic Tweezers and Tweezerman Point Tweezers to ensure that every last hair is plucked and clients leave centers with the exact shape and style. they want.

About European Wax Center, Inc.
European Wax Center, Inc. (NASDAQ: EWCZ) is the largest franchisor and operator of out-of-home waxing services in United States providing clients with an unparalleled and professional personal care experience administered by highly trained wax specialists in the privacy of clean, individual hair removal suites. European Wax Center, Inc. continues to revolutionize the waxing industry with their innovative Comfort Wax® formulated with the highest quality ingredients to make waxing a more effective and relatively painless experience. Offering a 360 degree customer experience, they also offer a collection of exclusive products to help improve and prolong hair removal results. Founded in 2004, European Wax Center, Inc. is headquartered in Map, Texas. Its network includes 893 centers in 45 states as of June 25, 2022. For more information, including how to receive your first free wax, please visit:

About Tweezerman
Tweezerman International is recognized in the beauty industry for setting the highest standards of quality, reliability and service with every beauty tool sold. Tweezerman offers state-of-the-art beauty tools for eyebrows, eyelashes, face, manicure and pedicure. Tweezerman products are sold by professional beauty suppliers as well as top cosmetic and department stores, drugstore chains, specialty stores and where we emphasize education with the help from our professional partners. Additionally, Tweezerman operates a Second Bottom Line whereby the company allocates a portion of its profits to charities, while actively supporting local communities.

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