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Fit for a Princess: 7 Iconic Beauty Products Royal Ladies Can’t Live Without

No need for a tiara.

There is no denying that royal ladies always manage to look perfect. From the late Queen Elizabeth to Catherine, the Princess of Wales and Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, these ladies always look radiant.

And yes, we know they have the funds to pay the best makeup artists out there and can afford skincare regimens most of us can only dream of, however, did you know that family royale also has pretty affordable beauty products?

It’s true. Behind the palace gates, here are the beauty products insiders have revealed have royal approval:

Essie Ballet Slipper Nail Polish

Known for her aversion to glossy nail polish, the late Queen Elizabeth was all about light and pretty pastels when it came to her manicures.

Her perfect polish? Essie’s ‘Ballet Slippers’, which have been her go-to for more than 30 years, since 1989, when the Queen’s hairdresser wrote a letter to Essie brand founder Weingarten, specifically requesting a bottle of nude pink nail polish for her Majesty.

It is even said that Princess Beatrice wore it on her wedding day a few years ago, making it the ultimate royal polish choice.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

As for the Princess of Wales, rumor has it that Kate’s glowing skin is due to her favorite beauty affair – Trilogy’s rosehip oil.

“Kate continues to use rosehip oil in her daily skincare regimen,” an unnamed source said. American weekly in 2015. “She loves the effect it has on her skin.”

Packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids to restore moisture and plump skin from within, we love that the all-natural and organic formula of Trilogy’s cult face oil also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect beauty booster for radiance.

Eucalyptus & Mint Cleanser by Jo Malone

Everyone knows that a good cleanser is the keystone of a good skincare regimen – which Princess Eugenie is clearly aware of.

Previously, the princess revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that she uses Jo Malone Eucalyptus and Mint Cleanser every day before bed.

Bobbi Brown’s long-lasting gel eyeliner in black ink

We all know Kate loves a swipe of eyeliner – and apparently the new Princess of Wales is a pro at doing her own eye makeup, she even did it on her wedding day!

According to insiders, Kate’s favorite thing to use for a perfectly smudged smokey eye is a gel liner, and she’s been known to use Bobbi Brown’s long-wearing gel eyeliner in black ink to create just the right amount of smoldering.

Elizabeth Arden ‘Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant’

Few brands can claim to hold the much sought-after Royal Warrant, but Elizabeth Arden currently holds a Royal Warrant as a manufacturer of cosmetics by appointment to the late Queen Elizabeth – and has done so for almost 60 years.

Of course, the brand never officially revealed what exact products you could find on the late monarch’s bathroom shelf, but since the warrant describes “Eight Hour” moisturizers as “iconic,” we think you spot at least one. .

Clarins ‘Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer’

Trust the Royal Family to create an instant sale.

A while back, the Princess of Wales was spotted applying Clarins ‘Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer’ while soaking up the summer sun at Wimbledon – and needless to say, it’s then flew off the shelves.

This nifty makeup buy is the perfect lip gloss with a pop of color, leaving you with just a light wash of color, while smoothing and plumping your pout – in other words, a must-have for your makeup bag, really. .

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

With the UK’s gray and damp winters, who can blame the Royal Family for wanting to deal with a sunny glow here and there?

Princess Beatrice once revealed in an interview that she was a bit slow to get ready in the morning and often had to do her makeup in the car or on her way to somewhere.

Its flagship products? Charlotte Tilbury mascara and Bobbi Brown bronzer. The reason, she revealed, is that both of these products are ideal for easy, foolproof application, even on the go.