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Over the past two decades, e-commerce has gradually dethroned traditional physical shopping. And with the advent of social media booming during the surge in online shopping, it makes sense that social platforms and brands are trying to capitalize on product-focused social content. When influencers and celebrities started promoting products on their own social networks, influencer-sponsored content began to replace many brands’ traditional marketing strategies. Companies have begun to shift their advertising budgets from investments in traditional ads, online banners and editorial placements to paid content creators with large social media followings to promote their products.

This marketing model has exploded over the past decade, but the sudden success of influencer-branded content has not come without a backlash, generating a collective distrust of influencer-promoted reviews and endorsements like nothing but dishonest cash grabs (Who else remembers the Kardashians’ shameless promotion of laxative “detox” teas?). In response, social media platforms like Instagram have started requiring brands and influencers to include branded content disclosures for feed posts and stories to help users trust the platform and to its popular users by increasing transparency.

Despite these disclaimers, consumers and social media users still trust branded content far less than they did years ago, and rightly so. Many brands are no longer seeing the same ROI from influencer-based marketing as they did just three years ago. In this cynical consumer landscape, the burgeoning social commerce space aims to reinvent the in-store discovery experience, and startup Fl!p is spearheading the movement.

Described as “TikTok meets Sephora”, Fl!p was founded in 2021 by social media entrepreneur and e-commerce veteran Noor Agha in response to the changing social shopping landscape and lack of trust in online content. purchase created by influencers. Fl!p’s platform consists of a video-based user interface that merges social media with patented e-commerce functionality. Although both TikTok and Instagram have launched commerce interfaces on their platforms, the customer experience is far from seamless as they still require multiple steps to complete payment and make the brands themselves responsible for fulfillment. orders placed. Fl!p, on the other hand, allows users to discover products through one community at a time real famous shoppers and influencers sharing video reviews of products they’ve actually purchased or used. Each short video can be purchased instantly through its premium e-commerce service that lets you add products to your cart and checkout directly without leaving the app.

“Consumers are losing trust in influencers because [they] know that these personalities are paid to praise the brand or product. Flip’s main principle is to provide honest and genuine reviews by real people,” Peter Wingsoe, CEO of Fl!p International and President of Partnerships, exclusively told The Daily Beast. Still, the social commerce app has tapped into the influencer and celebrity beauty market recently, bringing in high-profile talents who have their own beauty lines on the platform, including Halsey (flipping beauty) , Ariel Tejada (Makeup by Ariel), and more recently Addison Rae (ITEM Beauty) and Sommer Ray (Imaraïs).

Despite this recent addition of paid content creators, Wingsoe says the platform’s commitment to authenticity and transparency remains fully intact. “Celebrities and influencers may get paid by Fl!p to create content and/or share content on Fl!p, but we never tell influencers which products to review or [tell them] how to rate them, unlike IG and TikTok where brands pay influencers to post about a specific product and [showcase it] in a scripted way. In fact, influencers and celebrities aren’t the only ones who can make money by creating and sharing their content on Fl!p. Any buyer who purchased a product on the app can become a creator and monetize their content. The Fl!p platform allows ALL users to earn money from their content through views and sales from their posts,” says Wingsoe.

Fl!p’s social e-commerce model attracts not only beauty obsessives looking for fresh content and legitimate product reviews, but sellers as well, offering a wealth of resources not available from major retailers. . Model, influencer and founder of wellness brand IMARAÏS, Sommer Ray recently teamed up with Fl!p. While her brand is sold on her e-commerce site DTC and at retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, she says the platform’s interactive model allows her to interact directly with her customers and fans, getting feedback from customers. in real time.

“I came across Fl!p with my team as we were browsing the current beauty market. I was impressed with how they had combined the beauty space with the current direction of social media, and I knew just that Imarais would be great on the platform. I also love being able to hear (and see) people’s reviews and thoughts first hand, that way our team can continue to evolve the products so they exactly what our customers want,” she says. Flip offers unique ways for Ray to grow his brand with all the features currently only available on Fl!p. “Fl!p is definitely more detail-oriented [compared to other platforms like TikTok and Reels]. You have to consider what [you], as a buyer, would like to know more about a product. In a way, it’s almost more personal than other platforms because you can make your recommendations the same way you would to your friends.

Fl!p is literally a one-stop shop for inspiration, new trends, and shoppable product discoveries that you can shop with just a few clicks. According to Wingsoe, the top viral trends he’s spotted on the app lately are color-changing blushes and lip oils with dupes for those expensive products, and the tips and tricks are always the more efficient. Experience Fl!p for yourself by downloading the app using this link and check out some of the platform’s best-selling brands below.

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