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Gage, Pure Beauty Ink 5 year offer


Gage Growth Corp. (CSE: GAGE), based in Michigan, has added another prominent name to its dispensaries. A few weeks ago, it was Wiz Khalifa and his brand, Khalifa Kush (“KK”) which Gage said it would develop and launch in the state of Michigan in an exclusive agreement. Now, Gage and Pure Beauty have entered into an exclusive five-year partnership agreement to launch Pure Beauty’s line of premium cannabis products in Michigan, waiting Michigan. Pure Beauty is a California– a boutique cannabis brand that combines art, culture and style with sustainable practices and social justice.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with one of the largest cannabis brands,” said Fabien Monaco, CEO of Gage. “Brand recognition is key to winning in the cannabis industry and with the addition of Pure Beauty to our brand portfolio, we look forward to creating and delivering the highest quality cannabis products and experiences. to our customers and patients. “

Pure Beauty was founded by the same brains behind Marley Natural. Pure Beauty rewards high quality flowers grown indoors and combines them with fresh and beautiful packaging. Most of the company’s packaging is paper because the company is concerned with waste. “We’ve spent a year and a half perfecting a childproof mylar bag made from vegetable starch and we’re quite proud of it. “

Like the Wiz Khalifa deal, Gage will be the exclusive producer, processor, wholesaler and retailer of Pure Beauty branded products in Michigan. Gage and Pure Beauty will work on the development and commercialization of a range of products including flowers, a full range of pre-rolls, extracts, drinks and edibles that will be sold in the supply centers of the Gage brand (dispensaries).

“Our mission is to bring unique and high quality products to market while being aware of the social and environmental implications intrinsic to the cannabis industry,” said Imelda Walavalkar, CEO of Pure Beauty. “As a brand deeply committed to art and culture, we felt very much in tune with that of Michigan distinct and thriving culture, especially with Gage, which we find among the best growers and operators in the country. We are confident that they will perform at the highest level as they share our commitment to social justice. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.

Pure Beauty has noble goals when cultivating her flower. “All the water used in our culture is collected from the air, we do not draw water from the Californian tap. Why? Because a single cannabis plant needs around 150-250 gallons of water to reach flowering state. Our culture has no runoff; even “safe” fertilizers and nutrients will contaminate surrounding water supplies, making life uninhabitable for native species. And we love animals. We also love insects and use them, such as rolly pollys, earthworms and nematodes, along with friendly bacteria, fungi and protozoa to create a “soil food web” that helps naturally prevent disease and phytophagous predators by working with the plant to provide nutrients and protection. And when we’re done, we donate all the used land to public parks. Because why not? Parks are great and we should all be supporting them. And yes, we are talking to our flower. These thoughtful growing practices and the good energy that surrounds our flower in its lifecycle create robust terpene profiles, with a strong nose that, when you smoke it, will allow you to understand the world in a different way.

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