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Gymnast Suni Lee’s must-have beauty products

welcome to i swear by it, a series of interviews where we chat with our favorite fashion and beauty insiders about the beauty products they use to the last drop. This week we asked the Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee to share all the beauty essentials she swears by on her college campus and on the floor when dating.

Suni Lee’s gold medal moment at the Olympics last summer was nothing short of iconic. While she has established herself as one of the country’s hottest gymnasts, she has also established herself as a rising beauty star. Between her braided bun, fluttering lashes and Olympic-themed nail art, we were checking out more than just her gear when she won gold in the women’s all-around.

“When I’m competing I usually focus on my routine, but makeup is definitely something I like to have fun with before competitions,” she told Coveteur. “I like to be hyped before my meetings, so I like to put on makeup while I’m listening to loud music. It just makes it so much more fun and adds a bit of oomph.” Although she usually sticks to neutral tones, matching her shade to her leotards is one way she likes to make her look stand out. “I just like to make sure I feel good when I go out there. When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you compete well – that’s what drives me. helps me get through all my competitions.”

And though it took a lifetime of preparation to bring it to this moment at the Olympics, a secret weapon on her road to gold is her skincare routine. Early in my conversation with the 19-year-old Team USA gymnast and Dancing with the stars alum, she has advocated for a skincare routine as a legitimate means of sports preparation — while she’s excited to put on makeup, her skincare routine calms her down. It puts her to sleep, she says, which is essential for recovery. “It’s so relaxing for me. Of course, I do it before I go to bed and I love feeling good before I go to bed because I know I’m going to sleep really well,” she explains. “It’s also very important for my recovery because I’m an athlete and I train a lot, so getting the rest I need is important.”

Since her smile is seen by so many people, both online and on the floor, her Invisalign aligners have become an indispensable part of his preparation routine. “It’s important to me to have a beautiful smile and my Invisalign aligners have really helped me do that,” she admits. “The Invisalign aligners have also been really good for me, because I don’t have to make as many trips to the dentist. I can always take them where I want to go. It was perfect. Now, as she enters her sophomore year at Auburn University, where she will be the first Olympic all-around champion to compete in college league gymnastics, she’s teaming up with Invisalign to keep her smile alive. good shape.

Though she admits she doesn’t wear makeup every day in class (“I have practice, so I’ll end up sweating anyway,” she admits), before, Lee shares her beauty essentials unavoidable.


“I recently switched from braces to Invisalign and it’s been a huge boost to my confidence. I’m constantly on the go while I’m at school, so having steps in my routine that are hassle and drama free. A big plus for me is that my Invisalign aligners have fewer emergency appointments to deal with than braces. I really don’t have time, so this is very practical. I also have much more confidence in my smile.


Lip treatment with peptides

“This is then good. I have it in the salted caramel and it’s so hydrating. Also, it doesn’t stick at all. Some glosses are [sticky] and i hate it. I’m absolutely obsessed with Hailey [Bieber], she’s literally my favorite person of all time – she’s so beautiful, so sweet and kind that I love supporting her brand. She and Justin [Bieber] are like, my favorite people of all time.”


2% BHA Skin Perfecting Liquid Exfoliator

“This product is absolutely amazing. It has saved my skin. It makes my skin feel so clean and helps with breakouts. I will use it when I tone my skin then put moisturizer on top and when I wake up get up in the morning i feel like my acne scars are fading a bit i used to have really bad acne but now i am much more confident in my skin.

Paula’s Choice

Invisible Sun Cream SPF 40 PA+++

“[Wearing sunscreen every day] is so important and I am absolutely obsessed with this Supergoop! a. I’ve been using it every day since the Olympics – after the Olympics that’s when I started switching to my “Clean Girl Aesthetic”. Sun protection is so important because I go out in the sun a lot and good makeup starts with good skin. It has a really cool texture and it’s great under makeup.”

Super goof!

Glued spray wax

“I use it when I compete – it’s my holy grail spray. It holds my hair in place. I’ve also recently loved slick-backs because they’re so easy. I wear slicked back buns and ponytails and Got2b Glued Spray Wax is amazing for those.”


Green Clean make-up remover cleansing balm

“I really like it because I can just wash it off with water. Then I use my Cleanser from Youth to People and my skin is so clean. Depending on the day, like I’m having a photo shoot for work or a date, I’ll be wearing a lot of makeup and it’ll just melt it all away. I love it. It makes it a lot easier.”


Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Gloss

“I love this lip gloss. I also love Rihanna, she’s the best. Her lip glosses are absolutely amazing. The shine my lips get out of them is great. They also always feel hydrated, so I always keep this in my bag. I’ve used the red, the clear, I have a whole bunch and I love them.”

Fenty Beauty

Pitera Facial Treatment Mask

“This SK-II mask is so good if my skin needs a little more TLC. I like to use a jade roller on it to really press the mask serum into my skin. My skin feels so hydrated and clean after , this is my favorite I’m really a mask person so I do this twice a week and it’s just very relaxing I’m going to do a face mask while I journal and have a little down time spa.