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Hair and beauty industry hit hard by import ban on wide range of cosmetics – Reuters

Hair and beauty industry players present their case to the media during the press conference held recently in Colombo. Photo by Pradeep Pathirana

Sri Lanka’s hair and beauty industry is rapidly losing its viability with limited access to hair and cosmetic products, due to the government’s temporary ban on cosmetics.

Industry stakeholders have reported that the import ban has led to a drop in the number of customers opting for treatments at salons. “Most of the consumers are users of international cosmetic brands and because these products are not available and the prices of the available products are extremely high, consumers cannot use the services of salons as in the past,” industry players said at a press conference. briefing held in Colombo recently.

The grim turnover of the salons has also caused the management of these entities to cut staff, pushing many people out of work. The shortage also caused the emergence of a black market, causing very high prices, weighing on the salon as well as consumers.

Moreover, as Sri Lanka has many regulated academies producing world-class beauticians, students not having access to international brands that were available before could hamper their progress and employment opportunities abroad.

The opportunity to position Sri Lanka as a wedding hub for foreigners and expatriate Sri Lankans is also lost, as they too prefer internationally renowned cosmetic brands for their wedding looks, the actors have pointed out. industry.

They added that if this ban is not lifted by the end of September, the coming season is likely to suffer from a stock-out situation, as importers need two months lead time to knock down the products.