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Han Hyo-joo relishes his role as the charismatic captain in “The Pirates: Goblin Flag”

January 17, 2022

SEOUL – A female captain character is not only rare in Korean movies, but also for actress Han Hyo-joo, who is widely known for her roles in romantic movies. But Han said she really enjoys playing the role of pirate captain in “The Pirates: Goblin Flag” directed by Kim Jung-hoon.

“(Although it’s set in the Joseon period,) I didn’t consider it a period film but more of a fantasy adventure film so that I could do everything freely and I really appreciated,” Han said. “When deciding on my tone for the character, instead of speaking like a person from period films, I focused on creating the right tone for a pirate captain because I wanted to show his charisma.”

Han also added that she had so much fun choosing Pirate Captain Hye-rang’s outfit and hairstyle.

“I could create any look I wanted because it’s a fantastic movie,” she said. “I took some time to decide how fierce I wanted his appearance to be.”

“The Pirates: Goblin Flag” revolves around a pirate journey in search of hidden treasures of a Goryeo kingdom that no longer exists.

The film is a sequel to “The Pirates”, which drew more than 8.6 million viewers eight years ago. But everything about the new movie has changed, including the cast, script, and director.

“It’s a sequel to a movie that was very successful, so I’d be lying if I said I had no pressure to do the sequel. There’s probably a lot of expectations,” Han said.

The pressure, however, became her driving force to work harder on set to create a film that could satisfy audiences, she said.

She also shared her experience working with supporting actors who played the pirate crew in the film.

“I usually get cakes and flowers from the staff at the end of each project, but this one was special because it was about the 20 to 25 actors who played pirate members in the film,” Han said. “They raised money to buy a cake with letters on it that said, ‘Thanks for the hard work, Captain.’ I couldn’t help but cry.”

Han also talked about his favorite line in the new pirate movie.

“There’s a scene, which is included in the teaser, where my character Hye-rang says, ‘Let’s go. Anyone following me now is a pirate. I think that shows his leadership well,'” she said. declared.

“The Pirates: Goblin Flag” directed by Kim Jung-hoon (Lotte Entertainment)

Since Han is widely known to the public for her performance in romance movies like “The Beauty Inside,” there were also mixed reviews for her role as the charismatic lead in a new film after the press screening held on Wednesday. .

“I know that I’m expected to show feminine style and performance, which sometimes feels like pressure,” Han said. “But I think I have different sides. I see it’s a good time to show different sides of me, and I hope the public will like it.

“The Pirates: Goblin Flag” hits local theaters on January 26.