Beauty inside

Heart of Stone now in the heart of Newcomerstown

Many colorful and unique items can be found at the Heart of Stone.

Company: Stone heart

Owners: Lisa and Scott Ickes

Location: 209 Main Street West, Newcomerstown

Hours: Sunday closed; Monday and Tuesday – 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Wednesday closed; Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Facebook: Stone heart

Call: 740-492-4177

Services: We sell wire jewelry, crystals, fossils, flint and gift items made from the items we offer at Heart of Stone. Additionally, there is a section of our store designed for students to find neat rocks and fossils for class or science projects. Additional stock includes gemstone decor, trees of life, Himalayan salt lamps and beautiful pieces perfect for gift giving, as well as an attractive line suitable for office or home displays. Supplies are available for flint knapping. All jewelry is made by owner Lisa Ickes.

Lisa, tell us how Heart of Stone was born?

“We started several years ago setting up shop at both farmers markets and flea markets to sell our crystals. As our business grew and expanded with more customers and items, we knew we wanted to have our own storefront. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has delayed our plans for a few years. Scott and I recently decided it was time to start looking for our ideal location. Interestingly enough, our company name comes from a piece of flint I was lucky enough to find. It has a heart-shaped agate that formed inside the flint. We’re from West Lafayette, but thought Newcomerstown was the perfect community to open Heart of Stone. As our family was recently driving down the main street of the village, we noticed a space was advertised for rent between Feed Barn and Now & Then Guns & Stuff. We were able to secure the space and Heart of Stone officially opened on Monday June 6th.

How did you become interested in stones, flint, crystals and fossils?

“I attended a stone auction which featured some interesting and high quality stones. I started researching and collecting the different minerals and crystals from all over the world. As I discovered stones, crystals and fossils, I bought more and our collection evolved into the treasures we offer today.

“The flint we have at Heart of Stone is a vanport flint from Ohio that I like to dig myself at Flint Ridge near Heath. They are famous for having colored and patterned flints. come on you could find all the colors of the rainbow. and more. This is one of the hobbies we love to do as often as we can make the trip. Scott and I have been married for 11 years old, and we have an amazing son, Adam.Our three interests go hand in hand with We love rock hunting, enjoying nature, and spending time together as a family.

Scott, tell us a bit about crystals and stones.

“Lisa and I have studied crystals and stones for many years, and like everything else in the universe, crystals vibrate at a specific frequency. These vibrations feed and support energy, just like phones, computers , radios, watches and more. You’ve probably heard of certain crystals affecting our own electromagnetic energy fields, just as they affect the energy that powers your watch. Crystals are not only fascinating to look at and to study, they are a testament to beauty and nature and are becoming increasingly popular.Some people are turning to crystals for healing or energy of one type or another.

“For example, Amethyst is not only beautiful, but it is one of the most popular crystals and is believed to awaken you to higher wisdom. It is also suggested that being surrounded by Amethyst is good for stress relief. Vibrant orange carnelian is a stone that is known to lift your spirits and electrify your mind with ideas and ambitions. And then we explore onyx, a deep and mysterious stone. is a darker crystal known to boost your inner confidence and help you strike a healthier balance between humility and self-esteem.An all-time favorite is Rose Quartz, symbol of romance, love of family , career and life itself. There are several others to explore with similar beliefs attached to them. I recommend if you are new to the world of crystals, you start by choosing a stone that suits you. attracted.

What do you think of the vibe of Newcomerstown Main Street and the community?

“The people of Newcomerstown have already supported Heart of Stone. Lisa and I were warmly welcomed to the Village and Main Street as we had a visit from Mayor Pat Cadle and the Chamber of Commerce. It was very dear to them to stop and wish us good luck. Plus, we’ve already been blessed with some amazing clients and hope to meet even more. Newcomerstown is a great community, and we look forward to being part of the Main Street business district for years to come. We were open in time to attend the second Saturday event held a few weekends ago and we will also be open for the Cy Young Festival this weekend.

Lisa, what would you like to highlight for us?

“Scott, Adam and I feel lucky and grateful to finally be able to achieve our dream of having a storefront on Main Street in Newcomerstown. Our inventory includes wire jewelry, crystals, fossils, flint and artefacts- gifts made from items we offer at Heart of Stone. Additionally, there is a section of our store designed for students to find neat rocks and fossils for science lessons. Additional stock includes scenery gemstones, trees of life, Himalayan salt lamps and beautiful pieces perfect for gift giving, as well as eye-catching pieces for office and home displays Supplies are available for the size of the flint All jewelry is made by me, and we have a wide selection.

“We would love to tell you more about the different stones, whether this store provides you with a unique gift for a friend or family member, help you find that beautiful piece of home decor, while being a source for your nap supplies or help you and your child find the perfect accessory for their science fair project. Please stop by soon.”