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High mountains and mesmerizing vistas await travelers at Josegiri in Kannur

Josegiri, a sleepy hamlet near the Kerala-Karnataka border, with misty valleys and picturesque surroundings offers a spectacular experience for tourists. This Kannur village nestled in the mountain ranges is a picturesque place that enchants travelers with its lush green meadows and cool breeze. And Thirunettikallu is a beautiful place in Josegiri that can take your breath away.

Josegiri and Thirunettikallu mesmerize visitors with out-of-this-world views and the thick haze that hovers. The best time to reach the top of Thirunettikallu is early in the morning as the stunning views of the mist-shrouded plains below are incredible. But you don’t need to worry if you are a few hours late as the hot and humid conditions are foreign to the area and you will always be accompanied by a cool mountain breeze on your journey to the top of the hill. .

Josegiri is one of the highest points in Kannur district and there will be a twinge in the air even at noon. Local residents would vouch for the fact that the area receives rainfall almost throughout the year.

Thirunettikallu is located 3 km from Kannur and one can have a bird’s eye view of the surrounding regions while standing on top of the majestic hill.

What’s in store

The mountain village of Josegiri is close to the Kerala-Karnataka border and even the journey to this beautiful place is fascinating. The hamlet is located at the top of a hill and you have to maneuver small hairpin curves to get there. The drive to the top is captivating as the winding mountain road will be shrouded in mist and there will be a light drizzle throughout the journey. When you reach Josegiri, a small town with a few shops will welcome you.

The journey to Thirunettikallu starts from Josegiri and on the way you can see cocoa and coffee trees. Most of the inhabitants engage in pig farming. Many such pig farms could be seen on the way to Thirunettikallu. When you reach the valley, you can see the imposing Thirunettikallu in the distance and a holy cross placed on it. Christians undertake the ‘Way of the Cross’ trek to Thirunettikallu during their fasting days.

The road to Thirunettikallu is well marked for a few meters and after that it is a bumpy road all the way. Thirunetti is undoubtedly the best destination if you like off-road driving. If you are traveling in a group, you can walk to Thirunettikallu as it can be a lot of fun. The last stretch to Thirunettikallu can only be done on foot as it is quite steep. The sun may be shining, but the air will still be a bit chilly there. The narrow path with wild vegetation all around will take you to Thirunettikallu and you can see a huge rock with a holy cross sitting on top of the hill.

A ladder is attached to the side of the huge boulder to help travelers easily scale the boulder. The view from the top is surreal to say the least as on one side you can see the hilly towns of the Kannur district and on the other the Coorg regions of Karnataka. The view of the blue mountain ranges in the distance is stunning. Another splendid offering from nature is the rolling stone that got stuck between two gigantic boulders.

Thirunettikallu is located 2,300 feet above sea level and many vloggers have projected the pristine beauty of this place to the world. Recently, many beach resorts have opened in the area and plans are underway to open more such facilities, say local residents. You can also stay in tents at the top of the hill and soak up nature. Thirunettikallu is the right place for a day trip if you can plan your trip meticulously.

How to reach

Josegiri is 19 km from Cheurpuzha. You can reach Josegiri by taking the Cherupuzha-Kozhichal-Rajagiri road or the Alakode-Udayagiri road from Taliparamba. Thirunettikallu is 2 km from Josegiri. It is best to travel by two-wheeler or off-road vehicle from Josegiri to Thirunettikallu, but you will have to walk for some time to reach the top.