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His first marlin. . . ‘and what a beauty’ – The Gisborne Herald

by Murray Robertson and Andrew Ashton

Posted on February 22, 2022 1:53 p.m.

Fishermen aboard the boat Glistening Waters were on the last day of a five-day voyage when they snagged something special off Gisborne yesterday.

Wairarapa man Stu Orme caught a blue marlin on his line about 15 nautical miles off Gisborne.

“We had been fishing for five days yesterday morning and then around 7.30am Stu caught a beauty,” said Rob Faulkner, who was also on board the boat owned by Alister Reid.

“It took Stu about 45 minutes to land it and what a good fish it turned out to be.”

The marlin was weighed in at Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club around 5 p.m. and tipped the scales at 201 kilograms.

“He thinks Stu was in shock at what he caught,” Rob said. “It was his first marlin, and what a beauty.”

The big blue was the latest in a string of excellent marlin catches in the area recently.

Experts have put pressure on the warm ocean currents that pass through the region.

The catch also bodes well for the fishing club’s annual Marlin and Tuna tournament.

The competition starts on Thursday after a briefing tomorrow evening.

Club chairman Roger Faber said around 200 anglers have already signed up, with registration available throughout the four-day competition.

Anglers must be registered before they start fishing.

Mr Faber said while last week’s forecast was “dismal”, there had been a turnaround in conditions and there was plenty of marlin.

“We are having an exceptional year on the whole east coast of the North Island, in particular on the south side of the East Cape. There are about more marlins than I remember.

A total of $50,000 in unmissable prizes are up for grabs, including the $10,000 first prize for the heaviest marlin or tuna (tuna weight doubled). There are also lucky angler draws.

Mr Faber said both bars would be open and members were welcome.

“We are not making it mandatory in this contest to have a team or boat member in the lucky angler draw. They will be drawn each evening and prizes will go to the person whose name comes out.

“With Omicron in the community, he’s not responsible for forcing people down, so people can decide for themselves if they go down.”

The pre-competition briefing will be broadcast live on the club’s Facebook page.

BIG BLUE: Wairarapa fisherman Stu Orme landed his first marlin yesterday off Gisborne, days away from the Marlin and Tuna tournament. He weighed 201 kg. The Glistening Waters crew gathered at the Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club ladders are (left to right) Alister Reid, Simon Parker, Stu Orme, Rob Faulkner and Matt Wyeth. Photo provided