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Hitman 2: All 8 locations, ranked

The redesign of Hitman The series began with the soft reboot of 2016, and the second installment of the “World of Assassination” trilogy returned the focus to massive environments. Agent 47 was dispatched by Diana Burnwood and Lucas Gray to these locations in their fight against the Constant and targets have been found all over the world.

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The best locations of Hitman 2 were the ones that provided a fun experience through the theme of the setting, as well as the inventive ways the victims of the 47 were shot in these unique environments. While some of these locations were more memorable than others, they all allowed players to live out their hitman fantasy and assassinate targets in inventive, often absurd, ways.

8 Hawke’s Bay

Hitman 2 Hawkes Bay

Playing more like a video game movie of the genre so bad as it is good, Hawke’s Bay puts too much emphasis on making 47 a secret spy. The area has no room for exploration as the targets’ house is the only place to go.

The mission was clearly designed to be a prologue to the main game but doesn’t offer much replay value. The best way to get the most out of the map is to find ways to take out enemies using stealth, although the lack of an immersive environment continues to be a problem.

7 Whittleton Creek

Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek

A tribute to Hitman: Blood Money‘s mission called’ A New Life ‘, Whittleton Creek is a suburban neighborhood where 47 must figure out how to take out their targets without disturbing people in the community. The seemingly benign suburban setting is an interesting place that serves as a break from otherwise “busy” places like Paris or Tokyo.

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The downside to Whittleton Creek is that players can feel limited by the surroundings, as even slight passing moments can cause just about everyone to learn 47’s identity. challenge, it can also seem frustrating to tiptoe around the neighborhood for so long.

6 new York

47 stands on the New York bank gallery in Hitman 2

The level design of this mission is such that it makes Hitman looks like a video game directed by Christopher Nolan. Along with the sleek interiors and near-silent soundtrack, the mission includes an action centerpiece straight out of a heist movie. Bank 47 Infiltrates features a puzzle scheme that challenges players to figure out how to open the safe that the hitman wants to access.

The mission tends to be stuffy to an extent due to the many twists and turns in place, but there is a certain level of satisfaction to be gained once all the tasks are completed. It’s a backdrop that’s amazing to see in the first part, but can be tedious in reruns because it doesn’t offer much replay value.

5 Miami

47 holds a sniper on a balcony in Miami in Hitman 2

It’s always nice when a sunny, vibrant mission is at hand and the Miami racetrack provides that setting. A major advantage at this level is the many ways that targets can be killed, with large-scale eliminations right in front of the crowd or on a smaller scale when Agent 47 draws them to their downfall. Another appeal is in the bizarre details of the frame, such as allowing 47 to assume one of the funniest disguises in the world. Hitman series: a giant flamingo.

Miami’s expansive environment also has its downsides, as there are times when 47 must go around the map just to find items to use all the way back to another area. This can cause players to simply seek out easy rather than creative eliminations to save time, with the rush to get the job done seriously impacting the entertainment value of the mission.

4 Santa Fortuna

Hitman 2 Jungle

The mission can be intimidating for new players as Santa Fortuna doesn’t provide a lot of clues on how to take out the targets spread across the map. It ends up becoming a worthy challenge and players are encouraged to find the best ways to assassinate the bad guys.

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The expansive nature of the backdrop isn’t much of an issue here as there are a lot of areas split into sections, meaning stealth can be effectively performed without the 47’s position being exposed. Increasing the number of targets also carries the potential for a different way to kill.

3 Paradise island

47 looks at the skyline of Haven Island in Hitman 2

This place just might be the most beautiful Hitman series has provided so far. As players explore the island to complete their mission, they encounter a plethora of beautiful visuals: the clear blue ocean, lush green foliage, and the luxurious cabins that are scattered throughout the island. with just about all areas being beautiful to see.

Killing targets is much simpler here compared to other levels, allowing the experience to unfold seamlessly without the pressure of figuring out the finer details. Conversely, those who like to be challenged might not see as much value in this area.

2 Island of Sgàil

47 climbs the steps of the island of Sgàil in Hitman 2

It’s thematic places like this that Hitman 2 is among the top rated titles in the series. The castle and Gothic architecture provide an eerie backdrop for players, with the added responsibility of ensuring the Constant is not killed.

Elements such as successfully initiating the Ark Society, scaling the castle, and meticulously planning the disappearance of targets make this place filled with all kinds of entertainment value. The production design deserves special mention for really bringing the setting to life; As wacky as it sounds, there isn’t a time when a player doesn’t believe this place can realistically exist.

1 Bombay

Hitman 2 Bombay

Offering a look at both poor and wealthy neighborhoods, Mumbai boasts 47 slum infiltrators and a Bollywood film set. The contrast between the sets turns this mission into a double quality affair, as 47 has to get grainy as it enters the slums and the film set requires a more stealthy approach.

What really sets Mumbai apart is the presence of techniques to kill targets without having to actually be present in the scene. Things like having the target brought down by another killer or manipulating the machines to cause freak crashes against the victims allows Mumbai to be the mission of a thoughtful person who asks the player to be more strategic with their gameplay.

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