Holiday jewelry recommendations from Coveteur employees

The holiday season is the perfect excuse to turn up the volume just about anywhere. This is the time for garish decoration, non-stop social gaiety and general indulgence in all categories. Speaking of festivities, not all of us have a full wardrobe for a night out, but jewelry is a place where extravagance is a little easier. A simple ensemble becomes instantly festive with the addition of a sparkling earring or sculptural cuff. Below, we’ve asked our employees to put together the pieces from their jewelry collection that they gravitate towards throughout the holiday season.

Leya Kaufman, Brand Manager, Publisher and Senior Vice President of Sales

You and Me Coco Crush Ring

Statement rings will undoubtedly make a case for fingerless gloves this holiday season. This CHANEL Coco Crush piece would also be perfect to adorn a hand that casually sips hot chocolate in the afternoon or toasts with a glass of champagne before midnight. I think I need it!


Laurence Signature hoop earrings

Every winter, I find my way back to turtlenecks and daring earrings. This year I would like to upgrade my classic hoops to this romantic rose gold faceted pair. They’re classic with an edge, and they’ll catch just enough light to sparkle without being too showy to wear on a series of upcoming holiday events.


Harmonia neck warmer

I’m also always on the lookout for jewelry that will grab attention, from holiday cocktails to romantic evenings at home. This maximalist version of a tennis collar will do the trick. I have styled it in several ways in my head already. I could wear it just as easily with a formal LBD as a leather jacket or a ribbed knit loungewear set.


Sasha Alexander, Brand Partnerships

Heart charm necklace

I just treated myself to the Mondo Mondo heart shaped charm necklace and I’m so excited for its debut for the holidays. Mondo Mondo pieces are always the perfect combination of romance and nostalgia, and particularly shine during the holidays.

Mondo Mondo

Eden Love earrings

More hearts and crystals for kitsch fans, the Eden Love earrings by Safsafu are my must-have for any statement time all year round. Golden hearts with baroque pearls and green, blue or pink Swarovski crystals will make you feel even brighter. PS they are clip on, so you can wear them comfortably all night long.


Mythology earrings

I love asymmetrical jewelry and looked at these mismatched charm bead dangling earrings from Pamela Love. I would pair them with a simple black turtleneck to help them pop out and elevate a more neutral look (hair pulled up for more attention).

Pamela Love

Caroline Dunn, Associate Director of Affiliate Partnerships and Content Strategy

Benedetta battery

I have worn both bracelets in this stack every day since getting them. Adorned with Swarovski crystals, the two pieces of the set are so sparkly, ideal for the holidays, and I have already dressed effectively several of my otherwise minimalist looks.


Celestial pavé ear cuff

Holiday jewelry is all about adding that little bit of extra sparkle for me, so this paved ear cuff from my beloved Missoma will do just that when paired with my usual all-gold hoop rotation. The brand has also ensured that this piece is created from recycled metals to reduce the environmental impact.


Open Heart Ring CZ

I recently found myself feeling like a kid in a candy store at Adinas Jewels’ Soho boutique and have been thinking about this pinky CZ ring ever since. While it might not be an everyday piece, you can afford to have a bit of fun with something in costume at this price point.

Adinas jewelry

Camille Freestone, Associate Style Editor

Vivier brooch earrings

While I’m not often a glamor lover, these Vivier masterpieces are a favorite in my collection. I like to pair them with a sleek all-black look or crisp white button down and, of course, a bright red lip (always).

Roger vivier

The iconic cuff

For the holiday season, I gravitate towards jewelry that raises the stakes without sacrificing my personal style. This cuff from the exciting new jewelry brand To throw was a recent device on my wrist. It looks great as a standalone piece, but I can also stack it with my black leather watch and a simple gold chain.

To throw

Cruz Pearl Necklace

In my eyes, pearls are the golden mean between festivity and minimalism. Their perception is a cut above the daily wear and tear of gold or silver, but not as ostentatious as a flashy gemstone. In addition, they are perfect to wear day and night; they won’t feel out of place at the desk or at a cocktail party.

Lizzie Fortunato

Porter Simmons, Social Media Associate

A small off-center collar

I love the ease with which Roxanne Assoulin’s pieces are to wear and they are also ideal for layering on top of each other. This necklace adds a bit of glitter and glamor to any outfit, just in time for the holidays. It is also a great price for holiday gifts.

Roxanne assoulin


Charlotte Chesnais is as much an artist as a jeweler. I am fascinated by the architectural quality of each of its pieces, and they are the perfect and elegant addition to a minimalist look. I’ve been looking at these Looping earrings for over a year now and this holiday season may be the time I finally give in.

Charlotte chesnais

Pile Trio Rings

I came across this brand on Instagram and I’m so glad I did; each piece is so unique but also easy to wear. I’m a grown up person who loves rings and love the organic shapes of them. They are great for stacking and easily fit into an already decked hand.

Thing in itself

Gina Marinelli, features editor

Dangling pearl duality earrings

I’m not a traditional pearl girl, but I’ve always loved the way Mateo’s Matthew Harris works with baroque pearls in modern settings. These dangling earrings are a statement piece and would even look so chic with a cashmere turtleneck or a cozy knit ensemble for a casual holiday celebration.


Diamond ring with twisted date

As much as I love cocktail rings, the new twist collection from The Last Line offers striking pieces that I can see myself wearing for both a chic evening and everyday. It’s a bit chunky, a bit shiny, and will blend in nicely with the rest of the more dainty gold jewelry I tend to wear.

The last line

Noble Diamond Tennis Necklace

I wouldn’t call myself a magpie, but I’m certainly not immune to jewelry that showcases shiny, sparkling diamonds. And for special occasions, this simple yet gorgeous tennis necklace from Stone and Strand is exactly the kind of piece I want to wear with an evening dress, and even add to a stack with two or three other gold chain necklaces of different sizes. lengths.

Stone and strand

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