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Hyram Yarbro Launches Its Own Skin Care Line | Exclusive details

The “soft assets” are the backbone of the brand. Yarbro doesn’t want to “fix” your skin in 15 minutes with a high acid mask that gives instant results; he wants to be a seller of daily preventative health care for your skin. It focuses on the overall health of the skin, not just the results.

“Hyram’s audience is young and crazy and trying to get this Gen Z consumer to use gentle, effective actives is absolutely essential,” said Colette Laxton, Co-Founder of Selfless by Hyram. Laxton and Mark Curry, co-founders of a UK-based skincare brand, The list of keys, has partnered with Yarbro to create Selfless by Hyram.

Even though Selfless is a separate brand, it was able to use The Inkey List’s expertise in the skin care industry, Laxton says. She and Curry are co-owners of Be for Beauty, the parent company of The Inkey List and Selfless by Hyram. Previously, Yarbro worked with The Inkey List on a number of paid occasions, including Instagram Lives and a collaboration on a limited edition skincare set. “The last thing I would like to bring into the industry are some crazy, powerful ingredients,” Yarbro adds.

Selfless is in keeping with the skincare philosophy that has made Skincare by Hyram a go-to YouTube channel and TikTok account. No product will contain perfume, high percentages of active ingredients, physical exfoliators (like tiny pearls or gritty sand-like particles that come off the skin), or essential oils. For each product, Yarbro combines a heroic active ingredient with a naturally occurring substance, such as retinol and rainbow algae.

“They use really proven ingredients with well-known and well-researched skin care benefits, things like retinol,” says Allen Sha, chemist and founder of Sha Consulting Group, a consulting firm that works with skincare. skin. and makeup lines in product development. Sha, not affiliated with Selfless, has worked with brands such as Lancôme, Kiehl’s, Beautycounter, and Nyx Professional Makeup.

For Yarbro, the origin of the raw materials and how they are harvested are just as important as the ingredients themselves. It includes sourcing information in addition to the ingredient list, an added touch to attracting a Gen Z customer base who prioritizes the beliefs of the founders. Yarbro says the sourcing “doesn’t harm the environment” or help the environment grow or regrow the ingredient. For example, the rainbow algae stalks used to make the retinol serum come from France and are individually cut by hand to ensure that the roots remain intact for regrowth. A percentage of each purchase of this serum will be donated to Rainforest trust, a non-profit organization that works to protect tropical rainforests and endangered species. (A percentage of revenue from other products in the range will benefit Thirst Project, which enables youth activism to end the water crisis.)

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