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Vanessa Loveridge is an employment counselor at A2Dominion. She supports residents in their return to training and/or employment, with a particular focus on clients in Spelthorne and Slough

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Vanessa Loveridge is an employment counselor @A2DominionGroup. She supports residents in their return to training and/or employment, with a particular focus on clients of Spelthorne and Slough #UKhousing


I start the day by catching up on my emails from the weekend. I call then one of our residents to discuss the possibility of us funding a Security Industry Authority course. I believe they have a good chance of getting a job as a security guard if they complete the training and get a license.

I became an employment counselor in September 2019 and it fills me with immense pride to think that I can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Later, I help another client with her resume as she fills out a job application for a management position. I’m booking a follow-up meeting next week to prepare her for the interview process.

After that, I have a debrief meeting with one of our residents who was unable to work due to mental health issues. I decide to refer her to our emotional well-being team to ensure she receives the best possible care and guidance.


I start the day with the fantastic news that one of the residents I supported has passed his interview and landed a job as a warehouse operator. It really puts a spring in my step, but I can do more to help. Since he won’t get his first payslip for about four weeks, I’m making sure he receives funds for his travel expenses next month. I arrange a follow-up meeting to see how he finds the job.

Later, I have a meeting with a resident who I recently referred to our business team after she told me she wanted to start her own business. I had also arranged funding for her to start beauty classes and expand her portfolio. Another session is scheduled so I can see how she is progressing.


In the morning, I have a nice chat with a client I helped find a job. They’re just waiting for a start date, and this fortnightly conversation gives me a chance to see how they’re preparing.

I then enroll a resident in our Pathways program. It gives me the chance to put an action plan in place to help them get back to work. I discuss their previous employment and some of the opportunities they are considering.

Later, I talk to a resident who works part-time and give her advice on how to get more hours. I complete a job search for her and send links to job postings.


I get a referral from our rental maintenance team. I call the resident to explain to him what support I can offer and I register him for Passport. We have a detailed discussion on employment and training. I ask them to send their CV, so that I can make the necessary changes. I add our new signup to my mailing list and then email a referral to the health and wellness team.

In the afternoon, I attend a meeting with our community investment team to discuss some of our priorities and opportunities. I really enjoy these sessions as I first joined A2Dominion in 2015 as a Community Investment Assistant.


After going through my emails, I start booking action plan reviews with some of the clients I support. This helps me track their training and/or employment progress and gives me the opportunity to make adjustments. I then conduct online job searches and send them links to relevant job postings.

In the afternoon, I update our database, the system we use to record all correspondence.

My last task for the week is to make contact with a resident who recently had an interview for a position as a kitchen assistant in one of our nursing homes. I am delighted when I find out that she succeeded. I am now helping her with the forms and referrals that are needed before she starts.

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