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Interview: Armenian hairdresser and colorist Srap Shirinyan confides

Hairstylist and colorist Srap Shirinyan. Photo courtesy of Srap Shirinyan

Famed Armenian hairstylist and colorist Srap Shirinyan chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about his latest and future plans. He is an art teacher, Armenian ambassador and creative partner of the L’Oréal team.

L’Oreal competition

He was the first finalist in the L’Oréal competition. “For me, this is a great advantage and a great responsibility. Now I have a big task to maintain the leading position at Loreal. Being first is hard when you’ve only achieved it through hard work. Its maintenance requires new efforts, a lot of work, and my team is ready for this pleasant work. We work hard to continuously retain the title of best,” he said.

Srap Shirinyan. Photo courtesy of Srap Shirinyan.


Regarding his daily motivations, he said, “I am motivated by the result of the work done and the bright eyes of the client. Healthy hair and a dazzling look that all women come out of my salon.

“My motivation is also linked to the many comments sent to me by my followers and customers over the years. I can proudly say that I have not had a non-returning customer in all my years of service,” he added.

Future plans for Srap Shirinyan

On her future plans, Shirinyan said, “In the future, I want to enter the beauty market world with my works. To make the Srap Shirinyan brand more ambitious, open beauty salons first in Moscow and the United States, then in the United Arab Emirates. To do this, I train new professionals with my technique and my style. There should be a lot of high-quality specialists who don’t just think about making money but also giving pleasure to their models.

Photo courtesy of Astghik Mirakyan
Photo courtesy of Astghik Mirakyan


“I love them all very much and want to see them with bright eyes,” he told his fans and supporters. “That’s why I’ve been beautifying my clients for years. My subscribers are very particular, they like that you follow my daily work, I thank all those who are by my side, who always give me kind words and inspire me.

“I want to inspire my followers that in the near future I will enrich my content and demonstrate cooperation with world-famous designers and brands. Time passes, stylish trends change, and I am ready to introduce all my followers. I want them to always smile and find their own style on my page, not be afraid of a bold style change,” he said.

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