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Invasion star Shioli Kutsuna’s must-have beauty items

Although the actress now sports glowing skin, she admits it wasn’t always the case. “I have been very lucky because I have been in this industry for so long. It made me much more careful and knowledgeable about makeup and skin care at a very young age. I was a kid who already had a lot of skin problems (like pimples) from the fifth grade on. Your confidence level and everything goes down, so I think I’m really taking care of my skin so that I don’t have to deal with these negative emotions anymore! For her, that’s why skin care and personal care is absolutely essential. She feels her best when she dives into a luxurious nighttime ritualand nothing says instantly lush like a good chemical exfoliant.I have this peeling soap from Japan; it is very sweet. I started using it recently and think it removes (not harshly or aggressively) the top layer of dead skin. It helped my skin so a lot. If I ever feel like my pores are clogging a bit, I will usually use it. Once I do this I like to do a mask for more moisture.

When it comes to her hair projects, let’s just say that Kutsuna never shies away from a bold shade. Concrete example ? The epic platinum look of her character Mitsuki in Invasion. I couldn’t help but wonder if the icy blonde she sported for the shoot was more of a permanent fixture or just fleeting pleasure. “I think I was pretty extreme in my hair color choices – I’ve only ever colored my hair black, super blonde, blue, or pink! She laughs. “I think [this latest shade] was really fun. I had this blonde color since our shoot was so long due to a one and a half year COVID hiatus. I ended up having this hair color for two years. During that six month hiatus, I went to my hairdresser here and asked if there was a color I could try without leaving any left over because I had to go blonde again. That’s when I was playing with pink. It’s a lot of effort to keep a beautiful blonde shade. You have to keep using those purple shampoos so I don’t think I’ll be doing this for a while!

Since we’re on the subject of her Invasion character, Mitsuki, and her striking looks, I had to know what else she liked about playing such a dynamic and empowering character. Mitsuki, an extremely intelligent woman who feels more comfortable delving into the world of patterns, codes and crypto, finds it difficult to connect with others on an emotional level until she meets his partner, Hinata. “Emotionally, this has been one of the most difficult roles I have had to play,” she shares. “Mitsuki loses the love of his life at the very beginning of the show. It was quite a season of mourning and I was really trying to get over that. I also felt really responsible for playing this character because I have the feels like in Japan it’s still very rare for an LGBTQ character to be represented, especially in the world of engineering and space programs. It’s kind of something I haven’t really seen done here. before so that might have been a challenge for the Japanese to watch. Preparation was definitely the key to taking on this role.