Justin Bieber fulfills his destiny and lends his name to limited edition pre-rolled joints


Where are we here in the year two thousand and twenty-one on the issue of free will? Does the man have it? Or is man doomed to his destiny, doomed to his destiny? Have the philosophers and theologians been anywhere on this one? Sometimes it really seems like we are making choices for ourselves with all the agency involved. At other times, it feels like we never had a choice to begin with, that the events of every human life align faithfully with the scenario that was originally prescribed.

Today it feels like a point has been scored for the column of inevitability. Justin bieber announced that it was selling a line of pre-rolled joints in conjunction with a company called Palms (available in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Florida, according to a press release). The line, “Peaches”, is named after her latest hit song, “Peaches”.

It all seems fatal, inevitable, a lost conclusion. Somehow, when Bieber was a young boy fresh from Canada singing his little songs on YouTube, it looked like he would one day join several other celebrities and lend his name to a producer of marijuana. It’s as natural as Kylie jenner selling lip kits and all actors over 40 with their tequila offer and every young thing get into skin care. He once had nail polish, several perfumes, his own clothing brand, and a limited edition version of Crocs. It was time.

There is a philanthropic component in the Bieber agreement. According to the announcement, “Peaches is delighted to support” the Last Prisoner Project, which is committed to freeing those incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses, and Veterans Walk and Talk, which supports psychedelic therapy and cannabis use for military veterans. Bieber applauded Palms’ efforts to “de-stigmatize” cannabis use, particularly when it is related to mental health, in the press release.

Who better than Justin Bieber to talk about cannabis and mental health? Of course, he chose all of these. He thought it was a good idea and signed his name freely on the dotted line and Peaches was born. It just seems like the universe was still, you know, arched at exactly that point when the seasoned troubadour would have his own line of joints. He was meant for it. And there must be plenty of them, Palms is sure to bet, that are doomed to purchase the packs between $ 50 and $ 60 at retail.

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