Lena Dunham got married in three custom dresses and hair “Claudia Schiffer-On-the-Versace-Piste”


Lena Dunham shared all the special details of her wedding with a musician Luis Felber with Vogue, from their engagement rings to any custom outfit changes.

After being engaged for just a month, the couple decided to go ahead and get married. “We just wanted to go on, live the rest of our lives together, in love,” Felber explained. But it also meant navigating COVID travel restrictions and having to make frequent guest list adjustments after a handful of guests contracted the virus. The 60 guests gathered at the Union Club, a members-only club in Soho, London, had to undergo two lateral flow tests and show proof of vaccination. Dunham explains, “I am immunocompromised, so I take COVID restrictions very seriously.” The couple got married under a chuppah covered in overdyed technicolor flowers where they exchanged vows they themselves wrote. “Lu did some really amazing Spanish accented Hebrew that had its place in the stitches,” Dunham said.

For the occasion, Felber wore a bespoke blue suede suit designed by Emilie Bode, while Dunham wore three dresses personalized by Christophe kane paired with Miu Miu kitten heels. For the inspiration behind her wedding dresses, she says: “In the beginning, my formal dress reference was when the Beatles’ brides got married in town hall. Then he transformed into June Carter Cash, Priscilla Presley, the energy of the coal miner’s daughter. Then Christopher said to me: “You look like you’re either at a first communion or a Madame Alexander doll”, which I both liked too! For her third look, Kane “painted our portrait on our wedding invitation with those glittery eyes and lips, and stuck it to the font of this gorgeous white silk A-line dress. It was so beautiful. and so fun to wear, and so good for dancing because it was like a giant, chic tent.

The author’s hair and makeup benchmark for the ceremony was “Claudia Schiffer-on-the-Versace-runway” with a light lip, cat eye and plenty of lashes. And for her “something old,” Dunham added an amulet necklace that belonged to her great-grandmother. She also revealed that her engagement ring is actually an ear ring that belonged to her husband’s grandmother and that it is a Peruvian Inca ring from the early 1700s. The couple had some made. tailor-made wedding rings by Carolyn A’Hearn with multicolored sapphires “because I wanted it to be a bit like Paloma Picasso for Tiffany’s, a bit like the 90s”. Felber also wears his wedding ring on his pinky because “it’s easier to play the guitar when he wears it that way.”

Dunham’s bridesmaids included Taylor Swift, Myha’la Herrold, Rosa Mercuriadis, Tommy Dorfman, his cousin Jenna Hally Rubenstein, Felber’s sister Alma-Kori Felber, and Dunham’s podcasting partner, Alissa bennett. Bennett also brought the “something borrowed” for the big day – a Lego soldier belonging to his son. Ollie. All of Dunham’s friends got ready in The Vampire’s Wife dresses before changing into go-go girl-inspired silver, pleated Christopher Kane and custom dresses. Suzanne Alexandra handbags filled with party favors organized by Dorfman. “My girlfriends had to deal with a lot of not-so-happy things with me as adults,” Dunham said. “So being able to celebrate something happy and using it as an excuse to be together was very special.”

Felber also revealed how the couple first got engaged, telling Dunham: “Well you weren’t feeling well, and I asked to visit you in the hospital, and I stayed. longer than I was supposed to stay. And I just thought, it left me with a funny feeling to see you not well. And then the next day when you came back, we were in bed, and I Said, ‘I just don’t ever want you to go through this on your own again.’ And you said, ‘Oh, I want to marry you someday.’ And I said, ‘Why don’t we do that someday, soon? The next day I went for a walk with my friend Tom, and he was talking about his life, and I was like,’ I think that I proposed to Lena last night. ”And when I got home, we made it real.

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