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Lumson awarded for XPaper, its innovative airless paper dispenser

The airless dispenser with a paper bottle has been judged one of the most innovative products by the Italian Association for Design (ADI, Association for Designo Industriale). The new packaging solution was added to the ADI Design Index 2021 and won the ADI Design Index Award for Innovation.

The ADI Design Index brings together the best Italian designs put into production during the year. In 2021, the 233 finalists were selected from over 1,000 applications by the Permanent Observatory of ADI Design.

I would like to thank everyone who worked on the development of XPaper, and who believed in this project, born from careful market analysis, in-depth knowledge of the industry and great enthusiasm,“Said Matteo Moretti, president of Lumson at the award ceremony, which was held in Rome on November 18, 2022.”The innovation brought by XPaper is even more important, because at the heart is sustainability – a value that has become an integral part of Italian culture and design,” He continued.

An aesthetic alternative to plastic

The main innovation of XPaper is the use of cardboard as a lighter and greener alternative to plastic, glass or aluminum for the dispenser bottle. According to Lumson, this was made possible by major advances in R&D that have increased the performance and aesthetics of the paper. “Thanks to fine printing techniques, it is possible to create sophisticated paper products,The Italian supplier of primary packaging solutions said in a statement.

I think XPaper has what it takes to be an iconic product: it’s durable, functional, safe and sophisticated,Moretti said. “Once the product is used up, you can separate the dispenser from the paper bottle and send it to the correct recycling line. It is practical and safe to use because, like all our airless dispensers with pouch, it has been developed to optimally protect the product from the risks of air contamination or other external agents that could alter the formula. And then there is her look. The packaging is customizable with conventional and digital printing technologies, to become a unique product with a strong personality.

The new paper airless dispenser is part of the Lumson Touchless family, which includes dispensers with airtight bags. All the airless systems (jars and bottles) in this range are based on four key pillars:

The use of a patented hermetic closure system (the HSCS – Hermetic Snap Closure System – is positioned between the dispensing system and the bottle in order to protect the formula);

- A single or multi-layered pouch depending on the characteristics of the product;

- The use of durable materials including glass, plastic, aluminum and now cardboard;

- The possibility of separating the different components in order to facilitate their elimination in the correct recycling chain.