Madonna reveals the career choice that made her “want to kill herself”


While Madonna has one of the greatest musical careers of all time, she recently revealed that she also could have had one of the greatest acting careers without a few regrettable casting decisions.

The music icon made an appearance on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon Thursday to promote his new Paramount + special concert, in which the conversation turned to his time as a movie star. Fall on when asked about reports she turned down a role in the cult classic Showgirls, which she said to be true, but that she has no qualms about ignoring it. She did add, however, that she regretted not donning that latex jumpsuit to play Catwoman in Tim burton‘s Batman Returns, a role that rather went to Michelle pfeiffer. “I saw them both and I regret turning down Catwoman,” she said, calling the role “fierce,” as “Showgirls? No.”

But while there has long been speculation about Madonna’s denial of those two roles, she shocked audiences by revealing another iconic character from the film that she ignored. “I also turned down the role in The matrix. Can you believe this? I wanted to kill myself, “she said. The singer is probably referring to the film’s only lead female role, Trinity, who was later played by Carrie-Anne Moss. “Poor Madonna,” Fallon joked. But she went on to say, “It’s like one of the best movies ever made,” adding, “A tiny part of me just regrets this moment in my life.”

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