Meet the musicians who challenge gender stereotypes in Argentina


Nicki Nicole, 20, Rosario

Nicki Nicole’s face appears onscreen during a Zoom call from Miami – she came from Argentina for a few days to attend the Premio Lo Nuestro awards – and one of the most notable things about of the 20-year-old singer is the word ‘bullshit’ slapped boldly on her neck. The tattoo is visible from any angle of the camera, a permanent and startling reminder of what she will not stand as a woman.

Although Nicki’s career was only a few years old, she once had to deal with internet trolls trying to run out of steam. She started in the trap scene in Argentina, where she says she felt supported by women who led the way before her – but as her profile grew, a barrage of online insults did. the same. “It wasn’t, ‘I think you can improve this.’ It was, ‘You’re shit,’ “she laughs. Luckily the women in the industry made sure they never believed her critics, including reggaeton pioneer Nicki’s dream collaborator. Ivy Queen, who once told her, “Nicki, you belong, make it count.”

She did this by imbuing her music with a strong sense of herself. “I’ve learned to really know who I am,” she says. Recently, she joined Dominican artist Rochy RD and Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers on the remix of Ella No Es Tuya (She’s not yours), in which the guys rap about a man who has fallen in love with a woman who does not want to engage with him. Nicki had a particular point of view that she wanted to emphasize: “She doesn’t belong to anyone; women don’t belong to anyone, ”she says.

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