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Priscilla Ono ditches her skincare routine

Ahead, Priscilla Ono shares the must-have products for her skincare routine and Make-up kit.

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my cleanser

The foaming cleanser I’m using right now is from Chanel Beauty. It is Charm Beauty Trophies! I was testing all the products and there are now a third left. I loved it. I have dry skin and it doesn’t seem to dry me out. I like a foam cleanser because I want that deep clean, so I really, really like it. It smells so good.

Chanel Beauty L’eau de Mousse Anti-Pollution Water-Mousse Cleanser

my essence

I really like Tatcha’s The Essence. This is the one I’ve been using lately. I feel like it hydrates my skin. I went to an event where Vicky Tsai told me personally that he actually has a formula where any type of moisturizer you put on it will absorb even deeper into your skin’s layers. You will therefore be even more hydrated in the long term. I was sold and have been using it ever since.

my serum

I’m the candle type. I use La Mer Hydrating Emulsion Serum. That’s really nice. Sometimes serums can feel a bit sticky, but this one is not. It’s really nice and hydrating. I was at the airport recently while traveling overseas, and that’s when I get my La Mer, so I don’t have to pay the duty. It’s incredible.

La Mer Moisturizing Infused Emulsion

My moisturizer

The moisturizer I’m using at the moment is also La Mer, Crème de La Mer. It’s my go-to. I have very dry skin and it’s always difficult because I put a lot of makeup and powder on it. So I just have to go for the thick stuff. For the red carpet, it’s different and it depends. I like to apply many moisturizers. I feel like we never have enough. It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have. Moisturizers simply help plump up the skin.

My eye cream

I use one from Farmacy called Cheer Up Cherry. It’s so nice and hydrating. I also use one from Biossance. The brand is super clean, which I love because I can use it on just about anyone. Their skincare products are great to have in your makeup bag because they won’t irritate a lot of people. This is my reference.

Biossance Squalane + Seaweed Eye Contour Cream

My face mask

My go-to is the Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask. It firms and lifts and has the essence of a young coconut in each mask, which hydrates your skin so much. It also plumps and revives your skin. If you’re ever on a long flight, sometimes you look in the mirror and think, “Oh my God, I haven’t slept.” Put this baby on and I’m telling you, it makes you look five years younger, it’s so good, I love it.

Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask

My spot treatment

Spot treatments for rashes. I use a lot of Peace Out button patches. These are small stickers. I love those. These are so good and easy. You put them on and they are practically invisible. They are clear. Especially before bed, they are great. If I see my client has a pimple, I’m gonna be like “slap one” and I’m gonna eyeball him while it’s on. Even that makes a difference. These shrink it, which is really nice.

Peace Out Salicylic Acne Healing Points

My face oil

I love face oils. There are so many good ones. Augustinus Bader’s face oil is amazing. Just ran out, but used it to the last drop. It’s so rich. I also really like the one from Biossance. Their face oil is really great. These are my favorites right now.

Augustinus Bader Face Oil

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

My face mist

There are two that I can never go wrong with. Mario Badescu face spray is so easy to find and inexpensive and always a must have because it adds hydration to the skin. I use it on everyone and myself. It’s a holy grail product in my kit for sure. But I also really like the Caudalie mist because it feels like being at the spa. It feels very luxurious and hydrating. It wakes you up if you have tired skin. Whenever my clients look a little sleepy in the chair, I just spray this and it revives them.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Face Mist

my sunscreen

I love the Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor with sunscreen, especially for my personal use. If I’m in a hurry and need to get out, I hit it. It’s got my moisturizer and sunscreen in one and it takes a step away. It’s very invisible so I won’t feel paler or whiter. It’s very, very hydrating. I also like Supergoop. They have so many sunscreen options. The Glowscreen is really good when I want to look dewy and then they have the original formula, which is really great for everyday use. I will sometimes prepare my sunscreen.

my lip balm

I really like Laneige. It is a must. Also, Play has a really good lip balm. These two look alike.

Laneige Overnight Lip Mask

Jouer Cosmetics Overnight Repair & Conditioning Lip Mask

My Devices

I like a good device, even just a good old fashioned jade gua sha. I feel like he has more control because however I push there is the same amount of blood I’m going to get on my face so I can control how hard I want. I also have this red light blocking mask I just bought from Sephora that I use on my clients, especially when I put on their under eye patches. I apply this and it’s supposed to help your products penetrate and rejuvenate your skin. I see a difference. I love any type of gadget.

Mount Lai Gua Sha Face Lift Tool

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite EyeCare Pro

My body care and my perfume

I like a good perfume. Most of the time, when I do makeup for my clients, they say to me, “Why do you smell so good? What are you wearing ? And I’ll be like in my head thinking, “I don’t wear perfume.” It’s actually the Secret Dry Spray. They come in so many beautiful scents. There is a scent of wild rose that obsesses me at the moment. There is also vanilla, coconut, lavender. There’s this new technology that bursts the scent whenever there’s friction or when you sweat.