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Q&A: Korean star Gianna Jun on acting goals and aging well | National entertainment

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – Despite being one of Asia’s best-known faces, playing the part never gets easier for South Korean superstar Gianna Jun.

“I feel like I’ve climbed the mountain 1,000 times,” she said of filming her latest series, “Jirisan”.

Jun plays Seo Yi-Gang, a ranger in Jirisan, a mountain about four hours south of central Seoul. Jun and his team of rangers are responsible for search and rescue while tackling mysterious events.

Jun, 40, has led dozens of beauty and fashion campaigns for brands such as Alexandre mcqueen and Gucci.

Jun, best known for her 2001 hit film “My Sassy Girl” and 2014 drama “My Love from The Star”, spoke to The Associated Press about “Jirisan” if she will join a media platform. social networks like TikTok and will be one of them. the few Korean actresses in their forties capable of directing a show directed by women. Notes have been edited for clarity and brevity.

AP: What was the most difficult scene to film?

JUN: According to the script, there is (a scene) with rain, then fire. I thought to myself, “What’s the next natural disaster? When I got a script every day, I was like, ‘What comes after the fire? Snowing ?! “I was scared every time I got a script. We (also) filmed a fire scene inside the set for several days. My eyes were burning and black water was coming out of it. my nose every time I took a shower at night.

AP: I read a Korean article that said that despite having a relatively low rating for “Jirisan,” you represent a handful of actresses in their 40s who are capable of directing a genre series.

JUN: Really? (laughs) I’ve only seen negative media coverage these days.

AP: Do you think there is more room for creators and actresses in Korean cinema compared to the past?

JUN: Two decades ago, not really. But now there are a lot of series with female-led characters.

AP: Do you feel a lot of pressure when choosing your next project?

JUN: Not really. Not all the movies I play in will be a success. But I never chose a project, thinking it was going to fail. So I choose the next movie and move on. Likewise, I had “My Sassy Girl” in my twenties, Cheon Song-yi in my thirties, and Seo Yi-Gang in my forties. I just play roles that suit my age, so there’s not a lot of pressure on that.

AP: Have you thought about being active on social media platforms like Tiktok or Instagram?

JUN: I like them, but I don’t think I specialize in this area, so it would be difficult for me to try. But I try to stay informed.

AP: What is your goal as an actor?

JUN: Instead of having a specific goal as an actor, I want to age well, as a person. Of course, I start to want more every time I see recent hits. It would be a lie to say that I am not tempted by potential hits, but as long as I take my time to prepare and wait, I am optimistic that I will find some good projects.

AP: Can you clarify what you mean by aging well?

JUN: I think aging well means my mind is at peace right now. Tomorrow is important. But I think as long as your heart is at peace, it reflects on your face. Also, I have children, and they have their happiness. I have my own happiness, and besides, my family and the people around me have their own happiness. It varies. But for me, I think aging well is nothing special but being comfortable and happy with where I am right now and spending time feeling happy.

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