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Scotland voted best region in UK for work-life balance

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After the past few years in which many of us have worked from home or transitioned to a hybrid model, work/life balance has never been more important.

Recognizing what life was like without a long daily commute or being able to be more flexible in our approach to work, has allowed us all to reconsider what is most important when it comes to how work impacts and interferes with our daily lives.

And now new research undertaken by the biophilic design agency, Exubiarevealed which parts of the UK have the best (and not so good) work-life balance.

Taking into account factors such as the percentage of the workforce that works from home at least one day per week, the average commuting time, weekly working hours and the average monthly salary compared to the average monthly rent and in real estate prices, each region was ranked from best to worst.

ferris wheel and scott monument in a park in edinburgh
Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland

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The best and worst parts of the UK for work-life balance:

  1. Scotland (34 Points)
  2. The northwest (33 points) and the northeast (33 points)
  3. The South West (29.5 points)
  4. Northern Ireland (28 Points)
  5. Yorkshire & The Humber (27.5 points) and Wales (27.5 points)
  6. East of England (25 Points)
  7. The Southeast (24.5 points)
  8. East Midlands (21.5 points)
  9. London (16 Points)
  10. The West Midlands (12.5 points)

    Fewer working hours, shorter journeys and a higher average salary relative to property/rental prices have all contributed to Scotland’s number one spot.

    However, the North West, home to the shortest commutes, and the North East, with the lowest house and rental prices relative to salary, were not far behind.


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    If you’re looking to stay in a region with some of the shortest average working weeks, the South West and East of England are tied for that honour.

    At the bottom of the scale, the West Midlands has the worst due to some of the longest working hours of any region, a lack of home working and a long average commute.

    Unsurprisingly, London was the worst for average rent and house prices relative to salary, as well as long commute times. But it’s not all bleak for Londoners, they had the highest proportion of workers working from home at least one day a week.

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