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The Adore Beauty podcast Uncensored Beauty IQ has been downloaded 2 million times, her YouTube channel has more than 3 million views, she has 185,000 followers on Instagram and 12,000 fans on TikTok.

The goal of Adore Beauty is for customers to feel close to the brand, feel like a best friend they can trust and ask questions, Mr. Ferguson said.

“I think as a marketer five years ago, 10 years ago, I never thought I would get the kind of feedback we get on our podcast, namely that you gave me made me laugh, you made me feel better about a basic thing that worried me. for years, ”he said.

“But it comes with its own innate challenges. There is some friction in being real as a brand. There is also a meaning in being real. Sometimes we are talking about things that we don’t necessarily sell, we are talking about topics that I don’t think I have heard from other retailers cover because they are annoying or embarrassing, but they are also true.

Mr. Ferguson said Adore Beauty had conversations with brands across the beauty spectrum that “retailers never really represent”.

For Adore Beauty, it’s about harnessing the interests of its clients in the segment and finding what makes sense to them.

“We found it particularly rewarding and for reasons other than just business. Customers engage with us. Customers are loyal to us and this is something we want to build on in the future, ”said Ferguson.,

Adore Beauty took customer loyalty one step further in March, launching a formal loyalty program designed to reward customers with coupons, free express delivery, and access to member-only promotions, contests and more. to new products based on how much they spend each year.

The launch of the loyalty program came just before the brand’s share price plunged 19% in May, after sales forecasts for the entire year fell short of the forecast. market and the number of active customers appeared to be declining.

He is putting pressure on the loyalty program to keep its promise to encourage customers to spend and increase average order value and frequency of purchase.

“We have already enrolled 50,000 of our customers and we are growing and over 50% of our ‘top’ customers are enrolled,” said Ferguson.

“This follows the idea of ​​’best friend’ – the closer our customers are to us, the more likely they are to say ‘hey, yes, I’ll have more, I’ll get closer to you’.

TV investment

Adore Beauty has worked hard to gain the trust of customers so that they can bring them closer to the brand, he added.

“As a marketer, we often think that I’ll be closer to you, like you are making your way with someone on public transport rather than earning or earning the right to be closer to you. ‘them by being relevant, personalized and responding to their needs.

“The loyalty program is exciting, it gives us a way to recognize our customers, some of our very long term customers as well … It gives us, as a business, a way to invest in lifetime value. and, and that, therefore, in the marketing circle of life, means that it also supports long-term customer acquisition.

Adore Beauty exploded during the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020, and thanks to being an online-only retailer, it had no physical stores to close. When people were sent home, they went shopping online and sales skyrocketed, giving Adore Beauty its first year of $ 100 million.

It was at this time that the brand invested in its first television commercial.

“It was recognizing that a lot of people were going online and buying online for the first time. And it happened in the last year. So it was very important to develop our brand and build trust, to reach out. hand and be meaningful to much of Australia, ”Ferguson said.

“Television has a great reach. It’s very fleeting compared to a podcast, half an hour of listening versus 15 or 30 seconds but it still makes sense. This is how we introduce ourselves for a brief overview and encourage people to take an interest in us.

Mr Ferguson would not be approached if the retailer ran future TV campaigns, just saying, “We are actively experimenting with television, we are actively looking at all ways to build brand awareness.”

“There are a lot of results from advertising and being more present and visible, ranging from our existing customers contacting us to say we’ve seen you on TV, but also to new customers and our brand partners as well.” , did he declare.

The company is also experimenting with ways to promote its content offering, using “poster ads” – posters pasted around cities on the walls – in Sydney and Melbourne to market the podcast.

Mr Ferguson said he was excited to gain a better understanding of how traditional advertising – such as television, posters or outdoor billboards – would resonate with existing customers and help attract new ones.

For Adore Beauty, the future clearly lies in using its own talents to reach out to its customers to drive the growth of the company.

“This continuous expansion, this active and continuous experimentation in the media arena is something that is a real strength for us,” said Mr. Ferguson.

“As retailers now, with the databases and the traffic that we have, especially on our websites, we are now de facto media companies, the audience is on the same scale, it’s about the conversation you have with this audience. If it’s just a deal, it’s a lost opportunity.

“The transaction is only a fraction of our life. This opportunity as a retailer is not to be missed, it is exciting. It also requires that you invest and actively have meaningful conversations. “


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