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The best refreshing beauty products to help you get through the heatwave

Things are heating up here and if the forecast is right, it doesn’t look like the mercury will drop anytime soon. And while we’re all for warm climates and sunny days, we’d be lying if we said Britain’s heatwaves are always gentle sailing. That you are hard to sleep or fight against sunburn, trying to navigate our usual lives and add 20+ temperatures to the mix isn’t easy. And now that there are so many of us work from home and missing the sweet relief of office air conditioning (it turns out that office life has its perks), this year is likely to prove more difficult than most.

Whether it be sweat, redness, spots, or just that awfully uncomfortable feeling, trying to keep an exterior cool, calm, and collected during a heat wave isn’t easy. With reconcile melt our faces, Hair becoming unmanageable in humidity and creams and lotions only contributing to adhesion, it is understandable that your beauty routine is the last thing you want to think about.

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But what if we told you that in fact your beauty products could lend a hand? Like in winter, when we swap light formulas for richer textures, it also makes sense to make a few changes to your beauty line this summer to make your life easier. Whether you’re strapped to your home desk, battling the scorching sun on a stroll outdoors, or desperately trying to lower your body temperature with a freezing cold lunch shower, there is a refreshing beauty product that is sure to help.

Refreshing face mists that work to boost glow and level hydration to frosty moisturizers that you can pull straight out of the freezer (yes, really) for an amplified feeling of freshness, there are a plethora of products you can turn to whenever you (or your skin) need a rest from the sweltering sun of the world. ‘summer. Think of this as your ultimate heatwave beauty kit.

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