The Queen and Prince Charles joined elementary school students for a forestry lesson


In 2022, queen elizabeth will celebrate his platinum jubilee, marking the 70th anniversary of his accession to the throne. While it’s inevitable that adornments will be involved – maybe she’ll send messages with some spectacular jewelry – one of her biggest initiatives is much more down to earth. In May, the Queen joined prince charles to announce a program called Plant a Tree for the Jubilee, urging people across the UK to celebrate Windsors by improving the environment.

The Queen and Charles made their first in-person engagement on Friday to promote the program at a primary school near the family’s Balmoral Estate in Scotland. Dressed in a raincoat and a leaf patterned silk scarf in her hair, the Queen joined her son to attend a forestry school session at the Crathie Primary School cricket ground . Then the couple dug a hole to plant a new copper beech, and the 95-year-old monarch really made his weight.

According to Hello, a few students presented the Queen with a card, which she described as “very nice,” and Charles joked about the future of the tree. “Hopefully he will survive,” he said.

The tabloid added that the school has a tradition of presenting the Queen with a card at the end of each summer she spends at Balmoral. “It was a great opportunity for us” Lilian Field, said the school principal. “This is the first time we’ve given it to him in person.

The jubilee tree planting project is just one of the initiatives launched within the framework of the queen’s green canopy, an organization that also runs a variety of projects to raise awareness of the UK’s ancient forests. Charles is the group’s sponsor and its board of directors is made up of forestry and environmental experts. The organization encourages people to start planting their trees between October and March, and they have provided a step-by-step guide on their website.

Charles started his week in London, and on Tuesday he attended the premiere of the new James Bond film No time to die accompanied by Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Camille, Duchess of Cornwall. After Friday’s tree planting session, he spent the afternoon opening a Johnnie Walker Visitor Center in Edinburgh. He also met students attending a bartending course. The group designed a personal cocktail for Charles, who they called the Duke of Rothesay, after the title he assumed while in Scotland.

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