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These are Kesha’s must-have beauty items

Kesha’s first recommendation may be out of some fans’ budget, but it’s a tool that high-end dermatologists use on clients – the Scalpa Surface Microneedling Pen costs over $300, but Kesha has sprung some of its benefits. She said page 6“It helps your skin glow and resurface, and makes your beautiful face shine. It’s a great at-home device that I use about once every six months, and it’s a really affordable option for anyone those who want to add microneedling – which I personally have to like — to their skincare regimen.”

Her next pick comes with a hilarious visual that makes perfect sense for the eclectic entertainer. The SpectraLite FaceWare Pro, an LED face mask, is “great for helping get rid of fine lines and bacteria and making my skin glow,” according to the singer. But she also added, “It’s so easy to use when I’m watching a movie with my cats — and it makes me look like a psychopathic killer robot, which is a plus.”

The singer plugged in a favorite MBR eye cream and one serum from Biologique Recherche, then shouted out a product from her own beauty line. The Kesha Rose FTW Eyeshadow Palette is exactly what fans can expect from the artist, as his colors are bright, sparkling and unapologetic. Kesha told Page Six, “Since I wear a mask everywhere, I make my eyes shine because that’s the only part of my face people can see. I love to smile when I pass people on walks, so I let the colors on my eyeballs make the smile!”