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Top Startup Founders Who Also Invest in Other Startups

  • Many startup founders are also active investors in startups.
  • They leverage their experience and connections to help other businesses succeed, for a stake.
  • We asked these professional multitaskers what they look for in startup investments.

Behind a great startup founder, more often than not, there is another founder who advises and invests in his potential.

Founders often seek out other founders to join their cap tables because they know what it takes to build a successful and sustainable business. In recent years, more and more early-stage startups have tended not to raise large sums of money from a few large venture capitalists and have instead accepted a bunch of small checks from individual investors, which can also run businesses on the side.

Even in the face of a funding crisis, these startup founders and operators continue to write many checks, two dozen investors tell Insider.

For this list, we consulted our network of founders and investors to identify those who run businesses and invest. To be eligible, a Founder had to meet the following criteria (we noted the exceptions in their biography):

  • They still work in the startup they founded.
  • Their startup has raised over $3 million in funding to date.
  • They’ve written at least two checks to startups, either as angel investors or fund managers, since January.

Here they are, listed alphabetically by last name.

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