Vaccinated economics essay has real estate agents, horse races test Victoria’s ‘new normal’


A wide range of events and businesses in southwest Victoria are part of a test for the state’s future as a ‘vaccinated economy’.

In Warrnambool, a real estate agent, beauty salon, art gallery and horse racing competition are among 15 regional businesses that, starting Monday, will have higher patronage caps as long as their attendees are all fully vaccinated. .

Elsewhere in the Victoria area, a gym, cinemas, pubs and cafes will also participate.

The test aims to fix problems with Victoria’s plan to reopen when 70% of the population aged 16 and over have received two doses of the vaccine, scheduled for October 26.

For two weeks, regional companies will test new vaccine certification technology before metro companies take the plunge, culminating with the opening of the Melbourne Cup to 10,000 customers.

Around 300 fully vaccinated punters are expected to be allowed to attend Warrnambool Racecourse on Thursday in what is seen as a small-scale test for the nation-stopping race.

In another element of the trial, Roberts One Real Estate in Warrnambool will test a new and improved version of the Service Victoria app that will allow 30 fully vaccinated people to attend an open house at any time.

The app will also allow 30 people fully vaccinated in indoor auctions and 100 people in outdoor auctions.

Daniel Roberts of Roberts One Real Estate is excited to be part of the Victoria area trial.(

Provided: Roberts One Real Estate


Roberts One’s licensed agent Daniel Roberts said his company’s involvement was not just about the real estate industry.

“We’re really, really happy to be able to help all of the businesses in Victoria move forward and that’s the critical part,” said Mr. Roberts.

“We are not doing this just from a real estate agency’s point of view.

Mr Roberts said the new measures he will test will hopefully prove to be beneficial to his business.

“We want to be able to get people through properties, to sell houses, to bring tenants to properties, to get people to move to Warrnambool,” he said.

The companies were first chosen to be located in highly vaccinated, low COVID areas, and then nominated by their respective trade associations.

Warrnambool has already passed 95 percent of the first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine in people over 15, and is expected to pass 70 percent of fully vaccinated people over 15 at the start of this week.

“I think Warrnambool has done an amazing job with their immunization rates, so it’s all about moving forward,” Mr Roberts said.

How vaccination certificates work

In Victoria, a vaccine certification is accessible through the Service Victoria app once it is shared from the Commonwealth’s MyGov site.

Victorian Minister of Government Services Danny Pearson said the testing would help find bugs in the system.

“We are trying to make this a positive user experience by incorporating your vaccination certificate into your Service Victoria app, so from a business point of view you can register and show that you are vaccinated in one place,” M said. Pearson.

He also reassured users that medical data was secure.

Mr Pearson said it was not yet clear how long the vaccination status check would be needed.

“I wish this technology was obsolete in three months. But listen, we don’t know,” he said.

Backlash support

After some regional companies and doctors suffered retaliation for adopting the vaccines, measures were put in place to help protect the trial sites.

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said the trials were the state’s best chance to make reopening less difficult.

“Please don’t interfere in the trials to open up our entire state. It does not mean anything. “

Mr Roberts said it had not been a long time to prepare for the trial, but he welcomed the resources the state government was putting into the trial.

He also stressed that unvaccinated people would not be excluded from the housing market.

“We can still do (one-on-one) inspections for people by appointment, so if you’re not vaccinated you can still visit a property with the seller’s consent,” Mr. Roberts said.

“So if a seller can say, ‘look, I don’t want anyone who isn’t vaccinated on the property,’ then we’ll follow their instructions.

Although he is aware of the reaction potential of the unvaccinated minority, Mr Roberts said the benefits outweighed the risks.

“I really think it’s worth it, just for the reason that we can contribute to whatever changes need to be made or whatever we can come up with that doesn’t work,” he said.

“We all want to get back to some kind of normalcy.

“It has been a tough job with the lockdowns, but not just our industry. All of Victoria’s businesses have been affected.”

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