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Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence Review: Why We Love It

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Some beauty products are simply so worthwhile that they need no introduction. One of these products is the Daughter of the Winegrower Active Botanical Serum, the super-luxurious blend of 22 botanical oils raved about on the internet for its youth-preserving, skin-healing, and glowing properties. (Not to mention, Gwyneth loves it.) But there’s another product in Vintner’s Daughter’s small-in-the-best-way-possible line, the Active Treatment Essence, and I’m here to tell you that it’s worth it. the penalty.

VINTNER’S DAUGHTER Active Treatment Essence™ at Nordstrom

Now, to give you a little background, I happen to love Active Botanical Serum and have chosen it for our beauty awards many years in a row. It’s the perfect combination of efficient luxury that I find season after season. But the Active Treatment Essence fills a very different role in my simple weekly routine. On days when I use a liquid exfoliator (never alongside a retinol or vitamin C product, just FYI), the Active Treatment Essence has become my go-to. Not only is it hydrating, but the branded Phyto-Ferment uses over 70 nutrients plus micro-exfoliating plant acids and enzymes to reveal a brighter, healthier, more radiant complexion, theoretically in about three weeks. ‘use. However, in my own experience, I see results overnight.

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With a few drops in my palm, I press the essence onto my cleansed skin, wait for a few drops to absorb, and move on to the rest of my routine. Not only do I find that I get results when my routine is reduced to just this one treatment as an active, but it also works great in tandem with a more varied routine. I’m not saying that I want to have to choose between the Active Care Essence and the Botanical Serum, because that would be cruel. I say, however, that the essence deserves as much attention as its big brother.

If that’s not enough to sell you, I’d say it’s a great alternative to another product beloved by publishers: Biologicque Recherche P50. Better yet: Vintner’s Daughter is 100% natural, contains no synthetic fragrances and is sustainably packaged. From top to bottom, the Active Treatment Essence is worth it.