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What’s the trend? The most read stories about the APAC beauty market and consumer insights

‘Endemic beauty’ sees spring-inspired cosmetics and pollen protection products trending in Japan

According to new data, spring-inspired shades of rouge, lip liners, eyeliners and pollen-protecting cosmetics are all the rage in Japan.

These trends have been revealed in a new report from @cosme, Japan’s cosmetics portal, which showed consumers are looking for products to enhance their cheeks, lips and eyes in light of reduced COVID-19 restrictions.

The researchers said the appearance of the keyword “spring cosmetics” more than doubled year-over-year.

Prune sees untapped vegan demand in hair, body care and makeup

Vegan beauty brand Plum aims to unlock the potential it sees in India’s haircare, makeup and bodycare sectors to fuel its growth this year.

Currently, skincare accounts for the lion’s share of the business at 60%. Make-up and bath and body care account for about 10% and 15% respectively.

Hair care and make-up are areas of particular interest to the company. Plum said existing hair care and makeup products have been well received by consumers, reaffirming confidence in the potential growth.

Terrakai Skin aims to bring A-beauty flavor to the US clean beauty market

Australian newcomer Terrakai Skin is eyeing what it thinks is a great opportunity for A-beauty in the US clean beauty market.

Terrakai began its full launch in January 2022, focusing primarily on the US market through its official website. One of the biggest opportunities the brand could tap into in the US is the clean beauty trend.

He also keeps tabs on the Asian region, where skincare has traditionally led the way and clean beauty trends have flourished.

Can the power of innovation enable Singapore’s beauty industry to compete with Asian giants?​

Singapore’s thriving cosmetics industry has been hailed as ‘one to watch’ with several national brands succeeding in international markets through groundbreaking research and extensive product innovation.

Singapore’s beauty industry has quietly grown with local champions like Skin Inc and Allies of Skin rising to prominence in the international market.

These successes may just be the beginning, as Singapore’s beauty industry has a very strong research and development scene with well-funded institutions including the Science, Technology and Research Agency ( A*STAR).

Arata targets the curly hair care market in India and beyond

Indian personal care brand Arata aims to fill what it sees as a huge gap for hair care products designed specifically for curly hair types in its home market and the wider Asian region.

Arata recently launched a line of hair care products for curly hair. The founders decided to develop the eight-piece line to counter the long-standing beauty standard of sleek, straight hair in many societies across the Asia region.

This reflects trends in North America and Europe which have seen more acceptance for natural hairas more and more people have begun to embrace inclusivity and diversity in recent years.