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Why TikTok loves Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

If you’re a beauty buff, you’ve probably heard of Elizabeth Arden. Eight Hour Cream Skin Protector ($30). It has been around since 1930 when Mrs. Arden herself formulated the product as a soothing skin balm, and quickly became a global phenomenon which has seen the product win endless awards.

Although he’s been a favorite of makeup artists and beauty editors for decades, he’s now gaining momentum on TikTok. Famous for its versatile ability, the creators of TikTok have begun sharing their newfound obsession with the occlusive formula, which does everything from calming sunburn to nourishing cuticles and healing calluses.


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Some of the most popular uses of Eight Hour Cream on TikTok are as the final step in a “slugging” routine. The skincare trend — layering on thick, occlusive moisturizer containing petroleum jelly — may be new to this generation of social media users, but dermatologists have been recommending the technique for years.

It is said that using a product containing petroleum jelly creates a barrier on the skin, trapping all skincare underneath and leaving the complexion feeling soft, smooth and incredibly glowing the next morning. But the eight-hour cream doubles as a highlighter on top of your skincare or makeup, as skincare enthusiast Roj Torabi (aka The Roject) demonstrated in a recent video.


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It’s also easy to mix with other products to get even more of its moisturizing properties. As TikTok creator @jacinta_spencer revealed in a viral video, you can also use Eight Hour Cream to turn your favorite lipstick into a gloss, or mix it with raw sugar to create a lip scrub that exfoliates. gently a chapped pout.

Fans have also used it to add shine to freshly curled lashes and to shape brows for a lifted, rolled look. Obsessed is accurate!

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